5 Best Affiliate Programs Of Online Ad Networks

The monetization plays a vital role in any site owner’s journey.

There is no use of maintaining a website or blog if you do not monetize it properly.

Of course there are exceptions like NGOs websites, personal or hobby blogs and Government information websites.

But, if you are a individual site owner, online business entity, Ecommerce company then you must focus on revenue generation.

These days there are thousands of monetization resources available for site owners.

Any site owner or blogger would first opt for online ad networks to monetize their websites. Be it a Google Adsense or Media.net,

There are thousands of inexperienced as well as experienced site owners monetizing their sites with CPC and CPM online ad networks.

Apart from banner advertising, there is a earning potentiality in affiliate marketing.

There are thousands of affiliate income opportunities in various niches.

But, we are going to focus on best affiliate programs of online ad networks in this post.

Unfortunately Google Adsense does not offer affiliate or referral program for publishers and advertisers.

The best affiliate programs of online ad networks are as follows :

1. Media.net Affiliate Program:

The Media.net is one of the best and leading contextual ad network which exclusively powers the Yahoo! Bing Contextual Ads program for publishers worldwide.

It is proved as the best Adsense alternative.

There are many ad networks in the market.

But, Media.net knows the pulse of advertisers and publishers.

They are experts in serving highly optimized and targeted ads.

It is a win-win situation for advertisers as well as publishers.

You can read my Media.net review article for better clarity.

Apply as a publisher today and start maximizing ad revenue on your website or blog.

<<< Media.net Affiliate Program >>>

The Media.net affiliate program lets you earn money by referring publishers.

Being a qualified affiliate, you will earn 10% of your referral’s earnings up till 12 months.

At the same time your referral publisher earns a 10% bonus on their earnings up till 3 months.

Learn about Media.net affiliate program !!!

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2. Bidvertiser Referral Program (Affiliate Program):

The Bidvertiser ad network is serving publishers and advertisers worldwide since 2008.

There was the time when Bidvertiser was called as a tough competitor of AdSense.

You can read my Bidvertiser review article for reference.

Apart from monetizing your site with Bidvertiser ads, you can also earn decent income from Bidvertiser referral program.

The Bidvertiser affiliate program lets you make money for referring publishers as well as advertisers.

One must signup as a publisher or advertiser for joining Bidvertiser referral program.

Publishers : Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

Advertisers : Place your ad on thousands of sites with BidVertiser. Get $20 in FREE traffic.

What Is The Commission That Affiliates Can Earn For Referring Publishers And Advertisers To Bidvertiser?

  • When a user join as an advertiser from your referral link and first spends $10, your account gets credited with $5. When that same advertiser spends $50, you will receive bonus of $20.
  • When a user signs as a publisher from your referral link and first earns $10, your account gets credited with $10. When that same publisher earns $50, you will receive bonus of $40.

3. PropellerAds Referral Program (Affiliate Program):

The PropellerAds Media is a leading digital advertising network.

They are serving innovative ad formats like Native banners, Onclick (Popup), Native subscriptions, Direct ads and Interstitial ads.

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Coming to PropellerAds referral program, you will earn 5% recurring commission from your referral publisher.

That means you will receive commissions from referrals until they stay with the PropellerAds Media.

Remember that PropellerAds referral commission is applicable for referring only publishers.

To join PropellerAds referral program, you must signup as a publisher first.

Once your account gets approved, you can start referring publishers using banners and unique referral link.

The referral commission may be less but we must consider it as an additional bonus.

You can increase referral income by referring more publishers.

4. PopAds Referral Program:

The PopAds is a leading pop-under ad network.

It is well known for higher eCPM rates, lowest threshold payouts, timely payments and best support.

If you are interested to monetize your website with PopAds, then read my PopAds review article for quick reference.

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When coming to PopAds referral program, you will earn 10% of the referred publisher’s income and 10% of the referred advertiser’s budget.

To join PopAds referral program, you must join PopAds first.

5. Coinzilla Referral Program :

The Coinzilla is a Bitcoin based online ad network.

The best part of this network is that they accept both adult and non-adult websites.

If you are interested to monetize your websites with Coinzilla bitcoin ad network, then read my article for reference.

The Coinzilla referral program lets you earn money for referring publishers and advertisers.

You will earn 10% referral commission.

If you do not have BTC wallet then join Coinbase.

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