5 Best Games to be Played Online

What makes the online games better than the purchased or downloaded versions? Simple, one does not have to wait anymore for long so that their favorite game downloads and then installs. They give the user an instant delight. They guarantee the user a quick thrill and the ultimate gaming experience without any delay or unnecessary wait. One can even play entire RPG’s on their PC that too as an online version. There are various genres of games every user like to play. So here are a few recommendations from various genres that a user will definitely like.


This game helps the user to get a firsthand experience at shooting. As the game says,” it’s about time” one should finally try this game. The game has a unique interface wherein the screen and time will freeze as soon as the player stops and stands still. As soon the player will start to aim or walk to timer will again start ticking. It’s about precision and not about reaction and reflex. One can Play it online here.



It’s a one button game, completely mouse driven. It’s about a hyper active ninja who slashes all his enemies from all sides. Just by pointing the mouse in the direction of attack and clicking the user can slash his enemy into bits. It is an endless game since after death of the player the user is compelled to play it again and again.



Cutting down on the violence part, crossy road game is a simple yet fun game to play. The best part about this game is that it is suitable to all age groups, from kids to adults; all will love this simple crossy road app game. All one needs to play this cross road app is just hop and cross the hurdles in the player’s way. The farther the player goes the more they will score.



All the superhero novels and cartoons teach us to save the world, but what if we are given the chance to destroy it once. Pandemic 2 offers you to show the evil side of you. In this game the player is allowed to create a virus and let it unleash in the world. The fun part is to create a virus so that without detecting it can spread as much as possible. If the virus is detected, your chance to end the world is doomed.




It is a multiplayer game. It is mostly about cooperation- pun intended. You have to save the mouse cursor which is trapped in a maze. Many other players in the form of cursors are also present. On their performance, your cursor’s life is dependent. The main agenda of the game is to reach the centre of the central maze and send each cursor to the other small mazes. So how to stay in the middle and make sure other cursors reach the blue and red mazes? That’s CURSOR for you.

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