Top 6 Types of 3D Printer Filaments

3D printers have an essential role to play in building a range of objects like edibles and prostheses. 3D printing technology is being used in designing several machine parts for different industries. The filament of the 3D printer is as important as the conventional printer’s cartridge. The end product will depend a lot on the quality of the filament.

Keeping all these factors in mind, this article is going to focus on showcasing six of the best 3D printer filaments that will make sure that the quality of the output is highest.

Form Futura

Form Futura is known for being a deep traffic and fine filament. With its 100% opaque nature, the objects printed have a stunning, professional look. It is considered to be a premium quality filament that is also very easy to use. It has been altered using an impact modifier, which is the main reason behind its less rigidness, softness, and toughness. You can print at low temperatures utilising this filament. It can also be preserved for a long duration. It also streamlines the process of printing using different kinds of FFF/FDM technology 3D printers. No chemical or hazardous substances are used for creating this filament.

SUNLU Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

It is one of the most popular filaments you will find in the market. The best store for filaments will have the ABS filament with them. They are known for being very durable and having the ability to stay intact in high temperatures. The material is less brittle and flexible as well. When using this filament, it is essential to make sure that a heated surface is being used because the ABS plastic has chances of contacting when in touch with a cold surface. If you are looking for hassle-free printing, you must try the SUNLU ABS filaments. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee, but you will not feel like replacing it because of its top-notch quality.

The Hatchbox

It is a 3D wood printing engineered filament that helps people materialise their creativity. All concepts and thoughts can be brought to reality using this filament. They have been designed universally and are entirely compatible with different 3D printers that make use of 1.75mm diameter filament. The filament uses Wood PLA Hybrid that is also used as a thermoplastic material and doesn’t require a heated print bed. It is also quite an eco-friendly material.

LulzBot Taulman Bridge Nylon

If you are looking for clean prints, this filament is just what you need. You can easily print all the complex models possible with the help of this filament. The filament offers strength and reduced shrinkage that can be converted into a 3D model. Using the Rit® brand dye, the filament can be easily dyed for achieving custom colour profiles. The filament’s colour can vary quite a bit. If you want to keep it in its best shape, you will require an airtight container.

3D Solutech

3D Solutech is known for offering excellent professional quality prints in 3D. The filament is known for providing many colours and materials necessary for 3D printing. Every vacuum seal and spool has been hand checked. The 3D Solutech ensures that a smooth and consistent printing experience is to be maintained all the time. The filament has a round shape and does not have kinks, breaks, oily residue, or air bubbles. As it comes in a vacuum sealed packaging, it will make sure that you receive an excellent performance. Testing of the filament has been down using different 3D printers that are present in the market.


It is a filament that is entirely compatible when it comes to different types of 3D printers. The filaments offer uniform strength and feeding that will make sure that every print is of top quality. The filament comes with a vacuum sealed bag. Verbatim 3D printing filament also comes with desiccant which prevents moisture exposure to increase longevity. The company also offers a 1-year warranty along with the 3D printer filament, so that works in the advantage of the consumers.

The 3D printer filaments mentioned in this article are the best in the market. Most of the e-commerce stores have these filaments. Therefore, they are readily available. Prices may vary from one filament to the other. The quality also has a role to play in the different costs. Therefore, do a bit more research to find one that suits your needs. Every filament is unique, which makes it different from the rest.

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