My Experience With A2 Hosting Web Hosting Company: Review

We again migrated from Hostiso to A2 Hosting in December 2018. But, this time I didn’t go with VPS Hosting. I bought WordPress hosting plan. A2 Hosting is my third hosting company since it’s inception. Many of you might have read my experience with Hostiso web hosting article. When I migrated from Speedhost to Hostiso, I was quite happy with Hostiso support team and services. After hosting for 1 year, suddenly things were not working. I was really shocked to see the worse support. Frankly speaking, I didn’t experience worse support when I was working with my old hosting company, Speedhost. The only issue with Speedhost was that their services were very expensive.

What Made Me to Change The Hosting?

These are the following issues I experienced while I was with Hostiso web hosting :

  • While buying the hosting from Hostiso, the support team gave me Cloudflare name servers. But, they didn’t give me the access to Cloudflare account. Once my site was down due to problem in Cloudflare. The support team didn’t respond for almost 8 hours. After 8 hours, they troubleshooted the issue. But, I lost huge traffic in 8 hours. I mailed them that I lost traffic but they didn’t care at all. The support guy was rude and he didn’t show any concern. Even then I didn’t give any negative feedback.
  • In 2018 December, my website has encountered some database problem. I mailed the support guys. They didn’t respond for at least 9 hours. I felt exhausted at that moment as I lost traffic. Later I hired a guy on Fiverr for troubleshooting. He fixed my website in 2 hours. But, it didn’t stand for 2 days. Later my site undergone DDOS attack from some bad guys. This time it was a big disaster and site was unavailable for few days. Hostiso support team didn’t respond for 16 hours. The irony is that they suspended my hosting account rigorously. When I asked them the cause, they replied that the resources have exhausted. Instead of supporting, they escaped by suspending my account. i agree that due to the attacks, the resources have exhausted. They should have advised me in terms of fixing the issue. I was ready to pay for their services but I didn’t get any timely support. My visitors have mailed me and asked about the suspension. This is how the issue had a greater impact on my site traffic.

I immediately researched about the best web hosting companies and found A2 Hosting. Later I migrated from Hostiso to A2 Hosting. This is the plan that I bought on A2 Hosting :

A2 hosting turbo

How is A2 Hosting?

At the time of writing this article, it is hardly 45 days since the migration. Till now I do not have any bad experience with A2 Hosting. As I said earlier I didn’t go with VPS hosting plan. My plan is WordPress Turbo and the advantage is their speed. My site has not experienced downtime till now. A2 Hosting services are cheap and reliable. If you have anything to ask support team, they will help you through Live chat. This is the support one must need it. They will be available 24×7 to support you.

Final Conclusion :

One may think that I am always complaining about hosting companies. I am spending my hard earned money and it is my right to share the experiences with you. I also tell the positives of the services along with negatives. So, finally A2 Hosting is good till now and I do not have any bad experiences with them. One must wait for maximum 3 days to get complete transfer. A2 Hosting is offering free migration service. Of course you should ask them to migrate when you are with your old host. If you are looking for affordable services, speed servers and best customer support, then go with A2 Hosting.

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