BitDegree Affiliate Program Review : Refer And Earn

BitDegree is the leading Blockchain based online learning platform. They are offering Free and Premium courses. Similar to UdemyBitDegree affiliate program also lets you make money by referring people. The more people you recommend to BitDegree, the more you can earn. More than 17,000 affiliates are earning decent commissions from BitDegree affiliate program.

How To Join BitDegree Affiliate Program?

Go to BitDegree affiliate program signup page and register yourself. You will get instant approval from Bitdegree. There is no waiting time. The affiliates can straightaway start promoting BitDegree courses and categories using banners and links.

How Can Affiliates Promote BitDegree?

The affiliates can promote BitDegree using the following methods :

  • The affiliates can put BitDegree promotional banners in their websites or blogs.
  • Create a YouTube video about BitDegree and leave the referral link in the description.
  • Write a blog post or review article about BitDegree and embed the affiliate link within the article.
  • Participate in forum discussions related to online education and share the referral link with other members.
  • Send newsletters or E-mails about BitDegree to subscribers list.
  • Promote BitDegree on your social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

What Is The Commission Structure?

The affiliates will earn 50% commission per sale. Apart from commissions, the affiliates can receive rewards and gifts. However, the affiliates can receive rewards based on their performance. You will receive 20 BDG tokens per referral.

Payment Info For BitDegree Affiliates :

The affiliates will receive payments on Net 30 basis. You will receive the payment via these options : PayPal, Ethereum, Bitcoin and BitDegree token. The minimum payout is $75 / 0.38000 ETH / 0.012000 BTC / 16,250.00 BDG.

What Are The Best Features Of BitDegree Affiliate Program?

  • 60 days cookie
  • Special rewards
  • BDG tokens
  • Multiple payment options
  • Lot of resources and promotional material
  • Real time stats
  • Dedicated support

Contact Info :

If you had any doubt about BitDegree affiliate program, then reach the support team at [email protected]

Final Conclusion :

One must join BitDegree affiliate program to earn decent income. If you had worked as a BitDegree affiliate, then please share your experiences in the comment section. Hope this BitDegree affiliate program review help affiliates to get started.

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  1. Hello thanks for an awesome blog, by the way one question about bit degree affiliate program.. If I promote FREE courses with my affiliate link and someone clicks it and purchase a premium course will I still get a commission? Thanks.

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