3 Proven Ways To Make Money With Elementor

From last few posts, I have been talking about WordPress affiliate programs. Today, you will learn to make money with Elementor. We have seen affiliates earning cash by selling themes and plugins. If you haven’t heard about Elementor, then I would like to give a brief introduction.

The WordPress is world’s most used CMS, software to run blogs. If you setup the WordPress on your site, then you can write and publish the content with the default editor. But, you can’t do much with it. If you want to design or arrange website according to your requirements, then you need a page builder. Many of the page building tools do not need any technical knowledge for using them. Among all tools, the Elementor is a leader in WordPress based page building. The Elementor comes in 2 versions : Free and Premium. The free tool has been downloaded more than 2 million times. It shows it’s genuineness and popularity.

The 3 legitimate ways to make money with Elementor are as follows :

1. Fiverr :

If you have skills in Elementor, then you can start a gig on Fiverr. You can find thousands of designers giving their services. If you do not know about the Fiverr, then let me explain a bit about it. The Fiverr is a marketplace for freelancers.

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2. Elementor Affiliate Program :

The best and easiest way to make money with Elementor is by referring people. However, they accept only premium and trustworthy people. They are offering 50% commission on all products. While applying to the affiliate program, you need to explain your promotional plans. Mostly they focus WordPress centric sites, social media accounts and YouTube channels.

To make money with Elementor affiliate program, signup on this page and submit.

3. Create Themes And Addons:

If you are a developer, then create themes and integrate Elementor. You can sell them on Themeforest site. In the same way, you can develop addons for Elementor and sell them on CodeCanyon site.

Final Conclusion :

The first two ways are for technical people. But, you do not need any technical knowledge for joining the affiliate program. If you plan well, then you can use the above methods to make money with Elementor. If you had earned from Elementor, then share your experiences.

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