Fiverr Affiliate Program Review : Make Money In 2 Easy Ways

Fiverr Affiliate Program Review

These days finding freelancers online is not a big deal. You will find thousands of experts on Fiverr. Did you ever hear about it? Fiverr is one of the biggest marketplace for freelancing professionals.

Many professionals are earning tons of money every month with Fiverr. Not everyone is an expert or professional.

Even newbies or non-professionals can earn money too.

The Fiverr is offering 2 partner programs namely affiliate program and refer a friend program.

The Fiverr affiliate program lets you earn decent income by referring buyers.

What Is Fiverr Affiliate Program?

The Fiverr affiliate program is a great platform for affiliates to monetize traffic. You can make money by referring experts and top professionals. There are hundreds of subcategories and you could choose your desired category which is relevant to your niche.

For example, you are running a technology blog and the most relevant category would be Programming and Tech. Targeting experts or professionals in your field fetches you decent income rather than going with random niches.

The commission type or revenue model is CPA. You will receive the commission when someone takes action after clicking your referral link.

The affiliate commission will get credited for the FTB sale only.

The FTB is nothing but First Time Buyer. For example, you will not gain anything if previous buyers or registered buyers purchases from your affiliate link.

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How To Join The Fiverr Affiliate Program?

Go To this Fiverr affiliate sign up page and register yourself. Once you get the approval, you will have access to wide range of promotional creatives.

The creatives are classified into 3 types : GIF/JPEG, HTML mailer and Landing page.

The affiliate can filter creatives by service and size. You can start promoting Fiverr using creatives.

What Is Fiverr Referral Program?

The Fiverr referral program is another way to make money. For referral program, the main slogan given by Fiverr is Invite Friends & You Both Get Up To $100.

The referral program is mainly focused on grabbing Fiverr Pro gigs. You can use E-Mail and social media to promote Fiverr.

When someone signs up and purchases gig from your link, you receive 20% from their first order.

You can earn up to $100 per first time referral. The more customers you refer to Fiverr, the more revenue you can earn.

How To Promote Fiverr?

The affiliates can promote Fiverr in the following ways :

  • Write a blog post about Fiverr and embed affiliate/referral link within the article.
  • Place banners on your website or blog within the fold. When someone clicks on the banner and takes action, you will get paid.
  • Create a YouTube video about Fiverr and leave affiliate/referral link in the description.
  • Share affiliate/referral link on your social profiles like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Send E-Mails or newsletters about Fiverr to subscribers list. You can use HTML mailer given by Fiverr.
  • The affiliates can place HTML code for landing pages given by Fiverr.

Payment Info for Fiverr Affiliates

The Fiverr will pay affiliates on the Net 30 basis. You must reach at least $100 to receive payment. Once you send the invoice, Fiverr team will pay you.

The payment options are PayPal, Payoneer and Wire/ACH transfer.

What Are The Best Features Of The Fiverr Affiliate Program?

  • Wide range of promotional material (Banners, HTML mailers, Landing pages and Social media sharing options)
  • Competitive commissions
  • Deep linking of hundreds of gigs and pixels
  • Targeting people made easy by sub categories classification
  • You can track clicks, conversions, sub affiliates and revenue in real time.
  • The affiliates can also earn money by referring users to Fiverr affiliate program.
  • Dedicated support : If you have anything to ask Fiverr team, then write them to [email protected]

Final Conclusion

One must try the Fiverr affiliate program and referral program for earning decent commission.

If you had worked as a Fiverr affiliate and referred people, then please share your experiences in the comment section.

Hope you love this Fiverr affiliate program review article.

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