Brave Browser Rewards Program Serious Review

Brave browser is an open source and free browser. It gained popularity due to its speed and security features. They are known to block malware, adware and phishing attacks rigorously. At the same time they block ads too. However, the Brave team has understood the pain of both advertiser and publisher. Generally Brave argue that advertisers are losing millions of dollars yearly due to unusual practices. On other side, middlemen and agencies are eating up major share of revenues of publishers. So, they have come up with an innovative idea to tackle the real issue. They created a Basic Attention Token (BAT) based platform for rewarding users and publishers or content creators.

What Is Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

Basic Attention Token or BAT is issued by Ethereum, Blockchain-based decentralized platform. Ethereum lets you to design and issue your own token. While coming to Brave browser, BAT is used as a unit by advertisers, users and publishers. One must not think BAT as a digital currency. We can consider them as utility tokens. The tokens can be used to verify attention, transfer and exchange purpose. Brave is maintaining a secured ledger and you can find earned BAT in the wallet.

How Can Users Earn Tokens?

Brave browser lets users and publishers/content creators to earn BAT. Generally Brave browser works as a Ad blocker. But, when the users enables Brave ads, they are eligible to earn tokens. The tokens purely depends on the time spent. The user can either cash out tokens or tip their favorite content creator or publisher.

Brave Browser Rewards Program For Publishers And Content Creators :

Brave browser rewards program let publishers or content creators to earn decent tokens. The publishers can convert earned BAT into cryptocurrency or digital currency. Being a publisher, you will earn tokens when you recommend Brave browser to people. The Brave browser is absolutely free. So, there is no big deal to convince people for using Brave browser. These are the following few steps involved to get started with Brave browser rewards program :

  • The publishers can monetize Website, YouTube channel and Twitch channel. You can verify website through WordPress, YouTube and Twitch through authentication.
  • The publishers must have Uphold wallet to receive real money. You can see multiple ways to cash out from Uphold wallet.
  • Once your account is ready, you can start promoting Brave browser using unique referral links. Apart from direct links, you can straightaway share on Facebook and Twitter. Each channel has its own referral link.

Brave rewards

Apart from referral income, you can also earn from tips given by users. You can request tips using tipping banner. The publishers can customize tipping banner according to their needs.


Join Brave Rewards Program !!!

Final Conclusion :

Brave browser is ideal for users, advertisers and publishers. The publishers or content creators must join Brave browser rewards program to earn decent revenue. If you are a Brave user / Advertiser / Publisher or Content creator, then please share your experiences in the comment section. Hope you love this Brave browser reward program review.

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