5 Passive Income Ideas That Works For Beginners (Free)

In this post you will know the best passive income ideas. Many of us might have worked 9 to 5 job everyday for living. Some of them are forced to feed families. I am writing this post for those who got bored with their job. For me, it is a stressful thing. Despite lot of hard work, you will end up with low income. One must build the passive income. Do you know what it is?

The passive income comes to you in multiple ways at all times, even when you are asleep. I had prepared 5 passive income ideas for beginners. My main intention is to tell you to invest time, rather than money. I do not tell you to invest your hard earned money in real estate, bitcoin mining or shares. I figured out best ideas for investing your valuable time. The whole idea of passive income is to invest something so that you get returns for certain time period or lifetime. It depends on your activity.

Many of the newbie bloggers do not have much money to invest in any project or venture. However they can invest their time. So, the 5 passive income ideas are as follows :

1. Write An E-book, Sell And Earn The Passive Income :

If you have any favorite subject or topic, then try to write an E-book. Unlike regular books, you do not need to write thousands of pages. Even if you write 30 pages, make sure that it is understandable and informative. The investment is your time and effort. You can sell your E-book on your blog or Amazon. Remember that the Amazon will charge a small fee.


These days people are promoting their E-books on social media.

Your efforts will not get wasted as you can earn the passive income from the sales. For example, if you set the price of your E-book as $15. Even if you get 10 sales in a month, you receive $150 per month. My sincere suggestion for you is to build connections and subscribers. When the people love your E-book, they will recommend to their friends.

You can write as many E-books, sell them and earn the passive income out of them.

2. Create The Audio Book, Sell And Get Profits  :

Did you heard about the audio books? If yes, then you can sell them and make profits. If you did not heard, then it is time to convert your E-book to the audio book. The Amazon makes it happen. You can earn the passive income by selling both E-book and audio book.

You can use ACX by Amazon to convert from E-book to audio book and sell to make profits. This article will teach you to earn money with the audio books.

3. The Affiliate Marketing Is Still One Of The Best Passive Income Method :

The affiliate marketing is promoting the products or services of merchants. When someone buys the service or product from your affiliate link, you will get commission. There are tons of products and services that you can promote. But, do not jump directly into promotion without knowing the reliability. Choose the best product in terms of rating, price and quality. Try it yourself first. If you are satisfied with it, then promote that product on your blog and social media.

affiliate marketing

You can also launch the splash page to grab leads. However it requires investment.

The affiliate marketing is the best passive income model. Among all affiliate networks, I personally love the Shareasale. The reason is that they have hundreds of best programs in all categories.

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4. The Blogging Can Fetch You Decent Passive Income :

The blogging is nothing but writing about topics that you love. They could be ideas, poems, stories, opinions, lessons, advices, actors or anything. My sincere suggestion is instead of writing multiple topics, stick to one. For example, you may be interested in watching movies. Then you can start a movie review blog.


For starting any blog, you need a custom domain and web hosting. You need to invest some money on them. Even you will be charged on every renewal. Do not worry. You can recover this investment through the passive income. It may take few time. You need to work on it through writing quality and optimized content. Once your blog gets successful, there would be no looking back. You will start receiving the payments.

You can mainly earn through the online advertising, affiliate marketing, direct advertising and sponsored posts.

5. Your YouTube Channel Can Drive Hefty Paychecks :

There is no investment in creating your own channel. Every day, millions of videos get added in YouTube. If you are passionate in something but not technical, then there is no other platform like YouTube. Of course there are technical guys too. But, my argument is you do not need to have technical knowledge for getting successful in YouTube. Once your channel gets more than 1000 subscribers and 4000 watched time, then it is time for the monetization.


I have seen some video bloggers who are earning 5 figure income with only 10 videos. It depends on your video’s popularity. The optimization works for the videos similar to the blog posts. Undoubtedly the YouTube monetization can give you the passive income.

What Is The Final Conclusion?

There are many other ways to earn the passive income. However those are not necessary for beginners. I personally advice you not to invest your money in schemes. The 5 passive income methods are proven and legitimate. If you have any ideas, then please share them in the comments. Hope this article help the beginners in earning the passive income.

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