Push House Review: Push Notifications Ad Network

Today we are going to talk about Push House in this post.

Before going into the review, let us briefly talk about push notifications.

You might have seen several websites on your desktop or mobile that ask us to subscribe for push notifications.

Some might have shown relevant ads.

Basically, the notifications can be for receiving news, announcements, or updates.

This advertising model is absolutely safe and less intrusive in the eyes of the users.

When we look at this concept from the advertiser’s point of view, it is very cost effective and result oriented.

Let us know about the Push House and its features now.

What Is Push House?

Push house is a popular push notifications advertising network specialized in running adult and mainstream campaigns.

Launched in 2018 and headquartered in Ukraine, Push house is successfully running their online advertising business in over 180 geos with over 100 million active subscribers. Please note that these numbers may tend to change with time.

Any advertiser would look for low-cost campaigns, high Return on investment (ROI), real traffic, high conversion rates, real-time stats and best support.

Push house satisfies all the above requirements of the advertisers with ease.

How to Get Started with Push House?

Getting started with Push house is very easy. We will give step by step process to guide you.

Step 1: Create an account on Push House

You will be asked basic details like name, Email, and password.

Before signing up, you should thoroughly read their system rules.

Once you sign up, you will straightaway get access to your account dashboard.

Push house dashboard

The Top 10 active are the most competitive geos and Top 10 Free denotes less competitive geos.

As you can see, we have different sections like News, Network volume, Push, In-page, Finance, Support etc.

You can find the top geos based on CPC, clicks and performance under Network volume section.

Step 2: The Finance page will show your deposits.

You have to deposit your advertising budget on this page.

The minimum deposit is $50. At the time of writing this review, you can deposit using Visa, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Coinpayments and Capitalist. You may see more payment options in the future.

Push house finance

Step 3: Setting up ad campaigns.

There are 2 types of campaigns that you can run; Push and In-page.

We will first show how to set up a Push ad campaign first.

To get started with Push ad campaign, click on Create campaign as shown in the image below.

Push house create push campaign

Title: You can give the name of your choice to the campaign. For ex: My first ad campaign.

Link: You should give the website link where you want to drive traffic. Apart from the site’s URL, you can also use macros like {camp} Ad ID, {pdpid} Subscriber ID, {price} Cost per click, {feed} Feed, {country} Country, {city} City, {os} OS {lang}, Browser language, {browser} Browser and {format} Ad format.

Countries and Prices

In this section, you can set your targeted country and specific city. You can also set the CPC.


You can specifically target mobile or desktop. However, the default option is all.

To earn higher CPC, make sure to set your subscription age as low because newer subscribers are more likely to click ads.

You can set the OS version of the Android. If you are not sure about it, then leave it to the default.

Browser language option is useful to target a specific language or multiple languages.

Create Ad

You have to write the title in 30 characters. Make it engaging so that you can attract decent clicks and conversions.

Text is the section where you describe the ad. The text should not exceed 45 characters.

You can use two macros {CITY} and {COUNTRY} in both title and text.


You need to upload an icon to show along with the title and post. At the time of writing this article, the size of the icon should be at least 192×192 PX.


Upload an image with at least 492×328 PX size. Make sure that the image is informative and attractive as it is used for the ad campaign. The image is equally important to grab attention along with the title, text and icon.

 Scheduling Of Campaigns

Push schedule campaign schedule

You can schedule your ad campaigns to run on specific days and timings.

Ad limit

The daily and total budget limit should be at least $10.

When we talk about the clicks, the total and daily clicks limit should be at least 100.


This section completely deals with traffic and audience.

You have to set the ranges of IP addresses to either whitelist or blacklist the IP.

Whitelist means allowing traffic and on the other hand, blacklist doesn’t allow specific traffic.

Under the IP list, you need to set an IP range.

Type IP and Type ID: You can either whitelist or blacklist the IP range that we defined in IP list.

Retargeting: If you want to use retargeting, then you can whitelist specific subscription ID. It is useful when you want to target those people who are already engaged in the campaigns previously.

Use {pdpid} macro in Subscription ID list to track your active users.

If you are unsure, then leave the retargeting section.


Push house uniqueness campaign

As you can see, the ad, link and domain options are made unique. You can select anyone of these options depending on your requirement.

When you enable stop after moderation option, the campaign will get halted.

Ad 18+: You can opt to either show or not to show adult ads.

Allow feeds: If you enable this option, then you will be going to receive traffic from third party databases. Your traffic will get boosted if you allow feeds. However, you can disable any feed from the list. When the cost of click is higher, then you will likely get more traffic.

To receive traffic from feeds, your balance must be at least $70.

In page:

Creating an In-page campaign is similar to that of a push campaign.

However, there are small additions in the In-page campaign setup.

In push campaign, we need to upload an icon and image.

While setting up the In-page campaign, you only need to upload an icon.

Push house in-page campaign

The other addition is the News feature that works for news sites. If you enable this option, then there will be a discount on minimum cost per click.

push house in page uniqueness

What are The Best Features of Push House?

  • The approval rate is very high. All you need to do is follow their rules.
  • Being an advertiser, you can start with a very low budget, $50.
  • They have a higher userbase and traffic sources from more than 180 geos. You can find the country, CPC and click under network volume and feeds page.
  • The best part of Push house is that you can customize your own ad campaign. The push house team will guide you in setting up the campaign according to your need and budget.
  • Push house ensures to deliver high quality traffic. They monitor and filter low quality traffic on a regular basis.
  • You can take advantage of the ready sets backed by a free ad spy tool.
  • Apart from basic features, they are offering advanced options like retargeting, feeds, API and Postback URL while setting up campaigns. You can use them as per your requirements.
  • They are also offering a referral program where you can earn 3% commission from your referred advertisers. You need to reach the support team for the payouts. Generally, they pay on a weekly basis.
  • Push house is dedicated to providing the best support to the advertisers. You can contact them via Telegram, Skype, direct chat and message.
  • You can find promotional codes on their Telegram channel, https://t.me/publisher_push_house.
  • The news page on your account’s dashboard displays what is happening within Push house. You should regularly check for new updates.

What Is the Final Conclusion?

By seeing the traffic numbers and stats, anyone can tell that Push house is an established player in push notifications and In-page ads.

Millions of advertisers are benefiting by partnering with Push house. Even you can too!

Signup for free on Push House and create ad campaigns today!

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