3 Tips for Finding a Niche Influencer for Your Brand

Influencer marketing is becoming more and more common, but some companies work in such a small niche that it’s easy to think this type of content isn’t an option for them. However, a niche company can greatly benefit from a niche influencer since they’re targeting the same audience. These are some ways your company can find influencers and why they’re a great choice, even if you’re in a very focused industry.

Think From Your Customers’ Perspective

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and try some Google searches related to your business’ services to see what pops up. You might see reviews for competitors’ products or maybe even blogs or articles about the industry. Check who wrote the piece. You might find a writer or company that specializes in news relevant to your enterprise.

Look for a Niche Influencer With Lots of Audience Overlap

The best-case scenario is that you’ll find an influencer who’s actively creating content that your audience or potential customers love consuming. In fact, this is why niche marketing is often better than mass marketing. Lots of niche influencers start by simply sharing about a subject they love. This authenticity can be an amazing thing if it can be applied naturally and honestly to your products and services.

For example, if you run a mountain bike shop, which is better — an influencer who talks about sports in general or one who reviews mountain bike parts and trails around the country? The latter niche influencer, even if they have a smaller audience, is much more likely to be talking to people who are more interested in your business.

Search for Who’s Popular Among Your Consumers

A final tip is to go online and scour all the popular types of content for people who are talking about things relevant to your business. The subject can be industry trends, information about products like yours, or something that applies to your brand in an indirect way. These are some sources to check:

  • Blogs: Dedicated blogs tend to have devoted followers. If a writer is interested in products and services that relate to your industry, they might be a perfect match to work with you as an influencer.
  • Social media sites: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are incredibly important sites for influencers. See who our audience follows on these accounts and consider whether those influencers’ values would be a good match for your brand.
  • Podcasts: Podcasts have maintained their popularity over the years and are still a fantastic source if you’re trying to find potential influencer partners.
  • YouTube: YouTube is a powerful tool for content creators, and many of the biggest YouTube stars work in a niche. Live-streaming services like Facebook Live and Twitch may also work, depending on the type of content your audience likes.

Thunderclap claims that influencer marketing isn’t just for major corporations or enterprises with lots of money to spend. If you’re a small business or one in a niche market, there’s amazing potential to connect directly with consumers who are already interested in your products and services but haven’t yet found your company. If you’re ready to explore this marketing opportunity, try out these tips to find a niche influencer for your brand.

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