How To Do Pay Per Call Affiliate Marketing

Pay per call is the hot cake in the advertising industry and every business and publishers wants to get into it for their own benefits.

For advertisers, the conversion rate of pay per call ads are around 35-50% and so for them it is a great deal. While for publishers, pay per lead for pay per call ads are way higher than any display ads. And so, pay per call affiliate marketing is becoming a profitable solution for both advertisers and publishers.


In this guide, we will be talking about how to do pay per call affiliate marketing. We will share some basic and must needed steps along with some pay per call resources to get you started with pay per call ads.

Step-1: Choose a niche

Niche selection is very important as pay per call ads works amazingly well with the niches where ticket size is in good range. The niches like finance, marketing, healthcare, dating, law and more works great with the pay per call ads.

And so, if you have websites in these niches then you can easily get started as an affiliate marketer. Else you may plan to start one and get started.

Step-2: Choose pay per call affiliate network

The next step is to select the pay per call affiliate network from where you can select the offers to promote and can earn affiliate commission. In this step you should select the network which offers good campaigns, varieties of campaigns, low threshold for payment and great support. Low payment threshold will ensure that even if you are getting smaller conversion you will get paid.

Step-3: Promote the offer

Once you have ensured the site and a network the next step is to promote it and earn commission. You can take the help of the following to attract the traffic on your website so that you can earn some commission after getting some lead from pay per call ads.

  • SEO- get organic traffic
  • Social Media- You can get some referral traffic
  • Community sites like craigslist- To get the referral traffic
  • PPC- you can also run some paid ads
  • SEM- To again get some social media traffic but targeted one
  • Email campaign- if you have an email list, use the best for it

While promoting the pay per call ads, you need to ensure that no false traffic is being sent. And so, while promoting such campaigns you should take precautions to ensure quality traffic is being sent. This way you can ensure that the traffic is getting converted to lead and further when the user will call to the business, that company will further try to convert that lead into sales. Your mail aim should be to send calls to the business.


These were some of the very basic steps to start with pay per call affiliate marketing where you can earn way higher than any other form of affiliate marketing. And so, if you have a quality site with good and quality traffic then you must use the opportunity to get the best from pay per call affiliate marketing.

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