Crypto-Games Review : Online Cryptocurrency Game Website

Cryptocurrency has become a new sensation these days. Many people have started innovative applications using Crypto technology. Crypto-games is an online Cryptocurrency game website based in Netherlands. Established in 2014, this website is offering seven games : Dice, Slot, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Plinko and Lottery. Anyone from any place can gamble using Crypto-games. All they need is Cryptocurrency. The Cryptocurrencies that you can use to gamble on this site are : Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Peercoin, Stratis and GAS.

How To Get Started With Crypto-Games?

For getting started, you don’t need to get registered. The first step is you must enable browser cookies. Being a user you’ll get unique ID which would be stored in browser cookies for 2 months. The users must remember or save the ID to avoid losing your account balance. Once you get the ID, you’ll be provided a personal address where you can deposit Cryptocoins. One must remember that it takes some time to get credited. Once it gets credited, you can start playing. If ever you need something you can contact Crypto-Games support team anytime.

Terms And Conditions For Users To Join And Use Crypto-Games Website

  • The minor users are not allowed to play games.
  • The user must not forget or share their personal ID with anyone.
  • The user must enable cookies on their browsers before depositing.
  • The users must not deposit amounts lesser than the threshold limit.
  • The users must not create multiple accounts.
  • Crypto-Games doesn’t accept third-party deposits.

Minimum Deposit

  • 0.0001 Bitcoin
  • 0.01 Ether
  • 0.01 Litecoin
  • 100 Dogecoin
  • 0.01 Monero
  • 0.001 Bitcoin Cash
  • 0.01 Dash
  • 0.1 Peercoin
  • 0.05 Stratis
  • 0.02 GAS

Minimum Withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal for users is 0.002 BTC.

Best Features Of Crypto-Games

  • Secured and robust payment system : The users don’t need to worry about misuse of Cryptocoins. The only thing the user must do is remember unique ID. Of course you must not share your personal ID with others.
  • The registered users can exchange one Cryptocurrency into another.
  • Crypto-Games offers API to developers
  • Dedicated support

Contact Info

E-Mail : [email protected]

You can follow Official Bitcointalk thread for updates.

Final Conclusion

Crypto-Games is one of the best Cryptocurrency gaming website. The users who had played on this website can share their experiences below. Hope this Crypto-Games review help people to get started.

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