6 Tips on How to Create a Professional Contact Form

Online companies are rapidly conquering traditional business landscape and transforming the way consumers search for information, purchase goods, and finish deals. Accordingly, if you run a business online, it is good to have in mind the latest trends, customer behavior and online knowledge to be prepared for high competition. Not to mention, your company’s website has to represent your brand and serve as the major part in marketing and sales funnel.

In order to accelerate a high rate of visitors conversion, it is necessary to have a clear site’s architecture and brief information to help customers purchase your goods. The essential part of an online order is a contact form. However, many retailers make similar mistakes which discourage clients from buying and making them drop the cart. To avoid the unfortunate, use the tips below and create a compelling and professional contact form.

  1. Use a coherent title and description

Short and brief titles and descriptions help to avoid misconceptions and the loss of valuable visitors. It has to be as consistent as possible because a contact form is not a survey and customers don’t want to invest much time to finish it. If it gets too complicated, then it might cause filling errors, and eventually, a client will lose patients and decline the offer. If you use direct words and avoid lengthy and convoluted structures, then the whole process will go smoothly, and it will increase visitors’ satisfaction rates.

  1. Make it short

Again, a contact form is not a survey, therefore try to make it as short as possible without unnecessary information fields. Request only the crucial data that it is needed to end the action and proceed further. Otherwise, people will get annoyed and might drop the order in the middle of the process. A contact form should have only one page to fill, and it is recommended to diminish comment sections and manually filled fields.

To avoid unnecessary requests, use professional contact forms generators. A good example is 123FormBuilder it is an easy to use contact form generator, that will make your forms look professional and engaging.

make it short

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  1. Use clear action buttons

A contact form serves a purpose of a request of a specific action, and to make it do this correctly, you need to use right action buttons. A clear action button should describe what waits next because if you use captions such as “OK,” “NEXT” or similar, it might confuse your customers. Captions “Proceed to the payment” or “Finish your order” informs a visitor about upcoming actions and ensures more consistent information flow.

  1. Use guidelines

Although your contact form is coherent and brief, some questions may confuse customers, and if they don’t find any consultation, then it leads to customers’ loss. You can easily avoid that by putting sharp explanations next to more perplexing questions. It can be a pop-up window or a short line indicating the purpose of the field. It might look unnecessary, but it improves visitors conversion and satisfaction rates.

  1. Explain errors

We are humans, and we make mistakes, and it doesn’t matter how thoroughly you are filling a form there is a chance you may make a typo or misunderstand some fields. If after pushing an action button, a page brings you back to those fields, it should be clearly explained what went wrong. It’s not suggested to put too abstract lines such as “there is something wrong with the information” or similar. For example, if it’s a mobile phone field and the number is missing a digit, an error should indicate that. By explaining mistakes, you will save customers’ time and make them come back and use your service again.

Explain errors

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  1. Personalized Confirmation

After a contact form is filled, it is important to send a confirmation. Sometimes a confirmation can be just a brief line after the process is finished or you can send an email. As statistics show, consumers engage more when they receive personalized service. Regarding that, we suggest using customized confirmation emails. The action is easy implemented by using most of the contract form generators. Finally, it brings a great outcome and keeps your clients satisfied.

Running an online business can get sometimes challenging, with a continually changing approach and technological advancement it gets hard to follow the latest trends. Still, some methods are time-proven, and they don’t change that quickly. When it comes to contact forms keep in mind the tips mentioned above and be sure that your visitors will finish the form and be fulfilled by the service.

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