Elastos Brings IoT into Real Life

Cryptocurrency arena in recent times has grown beyond limits and what used to be just a parallel decentralized currency has grown to become a source for providing a host of additional services. The advent of several new crypto coins with multiple working models and plans stands proof to that statement we just made. Elastos coin or Elastos Carrier to be more precise is what would be changing the world of cryptocurrency by a new dimension. How it does it? Let us understand the basics through the following post.

IoT or Internet of Things is a concept that is still evolving. When cryptocurrency has been finding its utility in almost all walks of our life, how can cryptocurrency stay away from the new and trending concept like the Internet of Things? That is precisely what Elastos is trying to achieve.

What Is Elastos?

By definition, Elastos Carrier is what would work as an operating system in itself and would support the development and consumption of decentralized apps or DApps as they are generally referred to as. The concept can safely described as an a smart economy platform  wherein the requests to the internet are routed through the Elastos Carrier.

The project has been brought ahead as a means of network-oriented OS and work as a decentralized marketplace for the application developers and supports universal apps that deal with AR, VR or Internet of Things.

How Will It Work?

This would probably be the first time that a concept like Blockchain has been put directly to public consumption. It would be a win-win situation both for the developers and users alike. The developers will earn ELA tokens for the content developed for the platform and market their content in a true peer to peer transaction model.

Simply put for the proper understanding of those who do not have enough technical knowledge in the concept of technology, Elastos Carrier or Elastos network will work as an internet browser that will create its own web service where DApps will be hosted. In fact, when you use the service, you get the code itself as against the data that you receive in the current system centralized ecosystem.

That was precisely what was communicated at the 1st DApps meetup held by Elastos. The meetup held in San Francisco in March had the goal of making people aware of the huge possibilities that Elastos Carrier has and what benefits will it offer for the developers and consumers in terms of the content hosted on the virtual Operating System.

The Concluding Thoughts

We assume the concept has been quite clear to our readers now. Those in the industry would have already understood the unlimited prospects that the innovative thought has for the future. We would definitely consider Elastos a worthy investment option if you are one of the crypto assets investors yourself. Even when you are not, the Elastos Carrier should definitely be a forum that brings up the best of the internet to your doorstep. No matter whether you are a developer, a consumer or even an investor – Elastos has a great potential and will surely bring huge reforms in the way we consumed the Internet.

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