Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social media marketing has been a consistent wave in the industry over the passed few years. While some say it’s just a fad, it’s a bandwagon that just about every company has already jumped on. For that reason, you should look into hiring a company like Intensify in Los Angeles to meet your social media marketing needs. You can attempt to manage your company’s social media accounts on your own, but you need to watch out for common mistakes that could do more harm than good.

DreamGrow, a source for content marketing and social media information, detailed 19 common mistakes that should be avoided when it comes to social media marketing. Divya Rawat cites the 19 mistakes below:

  1. Failing to create a social media strategy
  2. Not knowing your target audience
  3. Dealing with negative feedback via social media poorly
  4. Promoting yourself too much
  5. Using the social media channel to spam your followers with your links
  6. Not engaging with your users and followers via social media
  7. Buying fake followers to make your page look more popular
  8. Forgetting to invest time in updating your page
  9. Forgetting to diversify the content on your channels
  10. Posting only low-value content because you know you need to post something
  11. Using automation to push links, making it look like spam
  12. Not tracking analytics and data from your social media accounts
  13. Stretching yourself too thin across too many platforms
  14. Having multiple profiles on one site, confusing your followers
  15. Using foul language or offensive terminology
  16. Featuring sex, drugs, or violence on your social media platforms
  17. Not being aggressive enough with your social media posting
  18. Lacking a social media team
  19. Skipping the step of creating a social media policy

Now, these are only 19 of the hundreds of mistakes that can potentially made while engaging your company on social media. If it sounded like an easy feat to manage such accounts before reading the possible mistakes, it doesn’t sound so easy now. While there’s not much financial loss if you mess up with your social media marketing attempt (unless you do something to anger your customers), you’re missing out on major potential gains. Intensify in Los Angeles is a company that guarantees success for your social media marketing launch. Intensify in Los Angeles will professionally curate the content for your site and post at optimal hours for engaging with your followers. They will also be constantly and consistently active on your accounts. Social media marketing takes up more of your time than simply creating the content to post. For this reason, they’ll make sure they respond to direct messages as well as comments throughout the day so that you can focus on the actual business operations. Taking it a step further, Intensify in Los Angeles will engage with influencers. Influencers are people unrelated to your company that hold popular social media accounts and love your product or service. This person or group of people will create posts and stories that promote your brand. This could include participating in giveaways or creating promotional codes.

If you don’t have the time or the knowledge to create content for your accounts, engage with customers and followers, and analyze the metrics via your social media accounts, hiring a professional is the right idea. Intensify will also show you how what they’re doing it helping your business through a detailed breakdown of data before and after you enlisted their help. Their approach to marketing is different from all other agencies in the sense that they accelerate customer growth through a data-driven approach. Their technology and ideas gives them a substantial advantage over competitors and an immeasurable advantage over you managing your social media accounts yourself. Marketing success start at Intensify. Contact them at (310) 916-9876 today for more information.

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