UngAds Self-Service Advertising Platform For Advertisers And Publishers

UngAds is a self-service advertising platform and it serving advertisers and publishers worldwide. The commission types of this network are CPC, CPM and CPA. UngAds review websites of the publishers before approving their accounts.

Ad Formats

The publishers can use pounders ads, banners, mobile push up, direct link and Interstitial ads to monetize their websites.

Payment Info

The publishers would get paid on weekly basis. The payment options are PayPal, Wire transfer and Webmoney.

UngAds SmartCPA Technology

UngAds platform has come up with SmartCPA technology to cater the needs of an advertiser. SmartCPA optimizes the campaigns automatically to generate guaranteed sales. It is a win-win situation for advertiser as well as ad network to ensure best conversions. Unlike CPM based campaigns, SmartCPA works only on conversions. It will automatically test and come up with the best optimized conversions using offer, budget, conversion cost and traffic source data. After performing test, the bad performing zones will get removed automatically and left with profitable ones.

There are mainly 3 steps involved in SmartCPA campaigns :

Step 1 : Creation of new campaigns : You can set goals and budget here.

Step 2 : Testing of new campaign : Automatic testing and optimization of CPM+CPA model campaigns.

Once the test is passed it goes to step 3 that is live optimized and fully conversion based campaign. If the campaign fails for some reason you can contact UngAds support team for assistance.

The main advantages of UngAds SmartCPA technology are :

  • Desktop and mobile traffic
  • Full control
  • Transparency
  • The advertisers can maximize ROI
  • Best results with smaller budget and less effort
  • No middlemen
  • Best tracking system

You can run same verticals and offers using SmartCPA just like in a CPM model. UngAds works with the following verticals :

  • Games
  • Finance
  • E-Commerce
  • Gambling and betting
  • Software
  • Mobile app
  • Support
  • Glamour
  • Dating and many more.

Best Features Of UngAds Advertising Network

  • Self-service platform
  • Sophisticated and secured technology
  • Global coverage
  • Premium publishers and advertisers
  • Targeting and optimization solutions

Contact Info

E-Mail : [email protected]

Final Conclusion

UngAds is one of the best self-service ad platform. It is an ideal network for both advertisers and publishers. Hope this UngAds ad network review help publishers and advertisers to get started.

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