ChainAds Review : Online Crypto Advertising Network

ChainAds is a crypto ad network based in Romania. The revenue models of this network are CPC and CPM. Even this network is offering great features to advertisers. This ad network mainly focuses on Blockchain products and news. Chainads review websites of publishers before approving their accounts.

Terms And Conditions For Publishers To Join And Use ChainAds Network

  • The publishers must not create multiple accounts.
  • The websites of publishers must not host any objectionable content like pornography, spam, malware, adware and spyware.
  • The publishers must not use bots or automated software to generate clicks or impressions.
  • The publishers must neither click on their own ads nor encourage others to do.

Ad Formats

The publishers can have access to the following ad formats :

  • Text ads
  • Banner ads
  • Text+Image ads

ChainAds Payment Info

The publishers would get paid on request basis. The minimum payout is $25. The payment option is Bitcoin.

Best Features For Advertisers

  • Quick approval
  • The minimum deposit is $5.
  • The deposit options are BTC, BCH, ETH and DASH.
  • The advertiser would get $5 bonus after the first deposit.
  • Chainads would accept only quality publishers.
  • Secured system
  • Best support

Promotional Bonus

Fund 100$ – 499$ and get 5% additional funds!
Fund 500$ – 999$ or more get 10% additional funds!
Fund 1.000$ – 4.999$ get 20% additional funds!

Best Features For Publishers

  • 70% revenue share
  • Multiple ad formats
  • Relevant ads : The publishers can see relevant ads on their websites.
  • Timely payments : The publishers would receive their earnings on time.
  • The publishers can track clicks, views, conversions and revenue using real-time reporting system.
  • Being a publisher you can filter out competitor ads.

Contact Info

E-Mail : [email protected]

Final Conclusion

Chainads is a great advertising option for both publishers and advertisers. The CPC rate is 0.5$ where as the CPM rate is 0.10$. The publishers who had worked or still working with this network can share their experiences below. Hope this Chainads review help webmasters and advertisers to get started.

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