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Smowtion Review

Earlier in 2013 an article about Smowtion advertising network published on way2earning. Smowtion is one of the Adsense alternatives. It works on CPM model. From past few months many publishers from all parts of the world are complaining against Smowtion. The reasons vary from publisher to publisher. Most of the times it is unpaid earnings.

smowtionI tried their ads in 2012 but I left them because of low quality ads and low eCPM rates. I signed up as an affiliate and people started joining from my referral link. They claim that affiliates earn 10% of the referrals income. Due to hectic schedule I stayed away from looking my referral statistics for about 3 months. On one fine day I shocked to see my login credentials not working. I tried to reset my password but to my surprise Smowtion removed my registered email id from their database. I wrote to Smowtion support team but there’s no reply till today. This is really unfair. If they need some info they should ask publishers for it. Removing publisher account without prior notice is cheating.

I started researching about this program and found that I’m not the only victim. I encountered with few Facebook, Twitter and Google+ friends who are using Smowtion. I asked them their experiences with Smowtion ad network. Unfortunately I haven’t heard any positive things from them. Most of them are still waiting for their payment. They claim that Smowtion didn’t pay them till date. Customer support too stopped responding to their messages.

I Googled Smowtion’s credibility and found hundreds of thousands of disappointed publishers. They posted their bitter experiences on several forums and blogs.

For instance the eCPM rates of sites with Asian traffic are around $0.01-$0.04. In that case the threshold payout should have been $10. But, Smowtion’s minimum payout is $100. It takes ages for small publishers with this low eCPM to reach $100.

For any business customer support is the vital element. It’s absolutely useless if you don’t get timely help. Google is exception as it has no customer support for Adsense.

Final Conclusion of Smowtion advertising network

Having strict TOS is not enough to run an advertising network. Publishers are the pillars of any advertising network. Smowtion could be a great alternative to Adsense when they concern about their publishers. Hope to see improved performance of Smowtion in future. Publishers should stay away from them and it’s better to go for other advertising networks.

4 thoughts on “smowtion review-advertising network

  1. Same here . Their cpm was the worst and they really counted less impressions and then I had to provide identity proof to get my payment . I got my payment but their support was mostly unresponsive. Yeah it took me 2 months worth of talk and wait to get my payment and few days ago I checked and wow my a/c not even exist there . Stay from them is the best advice.

    1. Hi Sam,
      It’s sad to hear your bitter experience with this network. Very soon they’ll be kicked out of the advertising space. Reliability matters most.

  2. Actually that was a scam company. I had $253 with good visitors on my site but not paid till date. No response. Total scam

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