Wingoads Advertising Network Review: Global Online Ad Network

Wingoads is a global ad network that offers solutions for publishers, advertisers and media partners worldwide. You can sell and buy traffic on different basis: СPA | CPI | CPL | CPM| CPC. Some of our top verticals at the moment are, amongst others: Mainstream, Adult, Games, Gambling, Utilities, Mobile subscriptions, Web,
For Publishers we offer great opportunities to monetize your traffic. Personal account manager. Regular payouts twice a month. High eCPM rates. Various offers worldwide. Real-time statistic dashboard.


Requirements for publishers to join and use Wingoads Advertising Network

  • Valid email address to provide upon registration
  • Wingoads reserve the right to ban your account in the case proxy traffic and bots
  • Wingoads reserve the right to not pay for advert views generated on your ads.

For advertisers High quality traffic for your offers, real-time monitoring, and optimization. Variety of targeting options: Geo, Operating System, Type of device (mobile phone, tablet, desktop ), carrier / Wi-Fi, etc. Online support.
Minimum deposit only 50 USD!


Payment model is Net 15, which means paying twice a month.
Payment methods:
Wire transfer

Referral Program

Publishers can boost their earnings by referring. Refer a friend to Wingoads and 5% to your profit.

Best Features

  • Making an approval during 24 hours
  • Global Coverage Access
  • High Revenues On Time Payments
  • Ad Safety


E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]
Skype: affiliatewingoads, helen3251113234

Final Conclusion

Wingoads provide the best ad formats to advertise online and generate more revenue out of your campaigns. If you are interested in high quality traffic to a website, good offers and monetization – we invite you to Self-Service Advertising Platform from Wingoads!
We are really excited to start cooperation with new partners!
Wingoads Team

Join this ad network and start making money

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