Why guest bloggers should beware of Google

why guest bloggers should beware of Google

One could clearly see guest blogging at the saturation level because bigger Guest blogging networks being hunted down by Google in the recent times. Seriously Guest blogging sites are in deep trouble.  To everyone’s surprise it is not the networks alone, guest bloggers who probably use them to provide content to other sites too get penalized. Although it may seem unfair, Google’s actions are well-justified.

On 19th March Google’s Matt cutts has tweeted that they took down a big guest blog network. The network is none other than Myblogguest.com . One couldn’t find the site and its related pages. Google has taken this issue seriously despite network’s non-involvement in selling links. The fault with these networks is many guest bloggers spam their content on other sites. Several Myblogguest guest bloggers have complained that they received unnatural links warnings in their Google webmasters accounts. Matt Cutts ( Head of WebSpam team, Google) has answered to one of the guest blogger that the penalty is not confined to the network alone but it also includes articles of guest bloggers too.

Nearly 1 month after penalizing Myblogguest network, Google has slapped another large guest blogging network PostJoint. This outcome might disappoint newbie bloggers as well as experienced. The Google’s strategy is pretty clear. It would straightaway be going to slap penalty on blogs who indulge in guest posting and paying to pass some link juice. The guest bloggers who are already in the guest posting networks may face severe consequences i.e. they may receive unnatural links warning messages in their Webmasters tools accounts.

I’ve seen many bloggers on social media cursing Google out of frustration ; but they missed a vital point. Google is not against  guest blogging. If a reputed blogger writes a high quality content on your site relevant to your topic then its fine. There is nothing to worry about it. But, if you are encouraging bad bloggers to post a spammy and low quality article on your site to manipulate Pagerank or SEO rankings then you are in a deep trouble. Many of the bloggers might have received E-mails from guest bloggers offering a 400-500 words irrelevant and low quality article for small amount or for free. Either way it is going to harm you in long run.

How to recover from penalty and stay safe

If you have already received unnatural links warning message from Google, don’t be panic. Just make sure that all the do-follow links converts to no-follow links. Google is strictly against to keyword stuffing ; so better avoid them in your articles. After rectifying these issues one can apply for reconsideration request.

Final conclusion

Accept guest posts only if you know the guest blogger well and make sure that the topic is very much relevant to your niche. Moreover it would be fine if the guest post is adding value to your audience. It would be absolutely fine if the offer comes from a very reputed blogger. If you are not sure of these things then make the links as no-follow. It would be good if you stay away from  Guest blogging networks.

This is how guest bloggers should beware of Google.

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