Different Types Of Data Entry Jobs

Are you searching for an exciting way to earn some extra cash? If yes, you should consider data entry. This is an industry that offers diverse working opportunities for people with minimal requirements. In this digital age, most people are more productive working from their homes rather than from offices. Companies also like outsourcing data entry services to cut down on costs and save time. If you are wondering about the data entry jobs available, check out the following.

Data entry keyer

Unlike some jobs, you do not need any specialized training to work in this job type. The employer gives you specific instructions that you have to follow when doing this job. Your role is to enter different items or numbers into computer software such as CRM. You can, for instance, be asked to enter data from cheques or licenses. You may need a data keypad that can help you enter such information into the software program.

Once you have entered the data, your employer will check for any errors or missing data before paying you. Sometimes, you have to keep on searching for data among the documents that your employer provides. Most of the data entry key jobs are found offline. If you choose to work as a data entry keyer, you may have to work under a supervisor.

Word processor

data entry1

If you don’t have a problem with grammar, punctuation, or spelling, you can do word processing. These are simple online data entry jobs that involve entering data that can be used to come up with mailing labels, reports, and letters. For you to start creating text files, you will need a word processing program and a keyboard. You also have to format texts correctly and proofread your work before submitting it.

This job will also expose you to some technical stuff since sometimes you may have to utilize statistical data to come up with graphics, charts, or tables. Some word processors handle general office tasks like answering phone calls and making photocopies. Since most of the skills are acquired during word processing, you don’t need any formal training. If this is the type of data entry job you would like to engage in, click this link.

Data entry clerk

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Are you fast in typing and are interested in data entry? If yes, you can be a clerk. This job involves entering information into a computer system. Numerous companies are always looking for experienced data entry clerks who can work for them full time. If, for instance, you choose to work as a data entry clerk for a hospital, your job would be entering details such as hospital records or patient notes into specific software.

For you to excel as a data entry clerk, you should not only be focused but also learn how to identify errors fast. You should also be someone who pays a lot of attention to details. Having such skills can help you identify errors that many people miss and help you deliver accurate work.


This is also another exciting data entry job that you can apply for. It involves listening to recordings then transcribing the information into reports or other documents. To work in this niche, you need to invest in a headset to listen to different dictated recordings. Your job also entails proofreading the content to ensure that the text is free of any grammatical errors.

You can be a transcriptionist that works in the medical or legal field. Those who work as transcriptionists in medicine spend most of their time transcribing the recordings that doctors make. In the legal field, your job would be to create legal documents that attorneys can use in court. If you don’t have such expertise, you can still work for general clients. Unlike the other data entry jobs, you can only qualify for such jobs after undergoing training in transcription from a community college.

Form filling

Data entry3

You can also earn a living from filling online forms. This is a simple data entry job since companies provide you with the specific details that you should use to fill the forms. As long as you don’t have problems with following instructions, you will enjoy this job.

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