My Experience With Hostiso Web Hosting Company : Honest Review

Today I want to share my experience with Hostiso web hosting company. Recently I was fed up with my Sp**dHost VPS hosting plan as I experienced slow loading. So I decided to move to best VPS hosting servers. I googled for nearly 5 days but I didn’t find any reliable service matching my budget and requirements. So finally I thought to read reviews of VPS plans of different companies.

I compared every plan but found some drawbacks and loopholes. I read all the genuine reviews and at last found Hostiso web hosting company. Headquartered in Germany it has datacenters in USA, Canada, Germany, France and Singapore.

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This is not a paid review or sponsored post. It is a genuine and honest review based on my experience. From the day 1 itself I was really impressed by their service and support. The previous company charged me around $65 per month for VPS hosting. I was hosting 6 websites on their VPS servers. To be sincere I didn’t experience any downtime on their servers. The only thing that triggered me to move is cost and support. The support team were not prompt. They would reply me in maximum 8 hours. Where as it is different with Hostiso. Their support team are available 24x7x365.  It is a good thing for any business to win trust from customers.

The best asset of their business is support team. They would listen to all your issues very patiently and fix them in no time. When it comes to cost all the plans are affordable. Whether you go with shared, VPS or dedicated all the costs are low compared to other hosting companies.

Why should you buy hosting from Hostiso?

  1. Free Domain : You don’t need to spend extra money for domain. They offer free domain with every hosting plan. This is a great advantage for both newbies and professionals.
  2. 99.9% Uptime Assured
  3. Free cPanel And WHM : They offer cPanel and WHM for free with every hosting plan. Yes you had heard it right. Isn’t it cool. Mostly all hosting companies would charge extra for cPanel. Even I spent $15 monthly for cPanel.
  4. Free Migration : Do you want to migrate from your existing hosting company to Hostiso? If yes then Hostiso guys will do it for free. The best part is your website don’t experience any downtime while migrating.
  5. Free SSL : We all know Google and other search engines prefer over So you get free SSL certificate for all plans. You might know how fso-called big hosting companies are charging for every single service.
  6. Unmetered Bandwidth And High SSD Storage
  7. Free Backup And App Installer : Hostiso guys would perform daily, weekly and monthly maintenance very efficiently. So you don’t need to worry about backups. You can restore it whenever you need.
  8.  24/7/365 Dedicated support via Ticket, E-Mail and Chat 
  9. Allows all types of websites/apps : Adult webmasters can also host their sites or apps on Hostiso.
  10. Website builder : You would find different types of web builders depending on your requirements.
  11. Highly secured datacenter : Hostiso will take care of your websites and apps. You get 100% protection from attackers and vulnerabilities.
  12. 60-day money back guarantee : If you are not satisfied with their service then they would refund your money. It shows their reliability.

Note : The free domain offer will stay as long as you stay Hostiso’s customer. I bet no one would move to other hosting company after getting these best facilities.

Final Conclusion :

Hostiso is a highly recommended web hosting service for small webmasters to large companies. It’s not a hype and you would believe it after you use their service. I’m proud to say that is hosted on Hostiso servers. I personally recommend their VPS and dedicated plans.

Buy Your Desired Hosting Plan According To Your Budget And Enjoy Higher Speeds

If you need any help regarding Hostiso hosting plans please don’t hesitate to contact me.

8 thoughts on “My Experience With Hostiso Web Hosting Company : Honest Review

    1. Hello Sapana Thanks for your comment. Nice to hear that you changed hosting. By the way what is your new hosting company? 🙂

  1. This company has got to be the best hosting service I’ve ever signed up with – Way better than anything else, so much more easier to get help too and i really love the support, it’s second to none and i don’t think you could get better support anywhere else – I’m extremely pleased with their service and I will continue to be hosted with Hostiso – It will always be my go-to for hosting/domain/vps services!

    1. Glad to hear your experience with Hostiso. Yes, you are absolutely right about their support. Thanks for sharing your experience. 🙂

  2. Hi, hostiso seems reliable and fast. But the database offer is MariaDB. Currently, I am with Siteground using MySQL database. Yes, it is easy to migrate from Mysql to MariaDB. But from MariaDB to MySQL might not be possible. So, This confuses me a lot because who knows I might need to go back to some hosting who provides only MySQL, like that of siteground.

  3. I just migrated to Hostiso from WebFaction. So far I’m happy with the service and support and pricing. I’ve been trying to learn more about the company mainly because their Company page shows fake employee profile photos and names. So it makes me a little wary about the legitimacy of the company — even though they’ve been around for awhile.

    1. Hi John,

      I was happy with them for few months. But, later the things didn’t work as expected. Mainly, I didn’t get prompt response from support team. I received messages after 10 hours from raising ticket. Yes, the services are affordable when compared to others. Please make sure to monitor your website(s) every hour so that you can solve it without approaching support team.

  4. I decided to leave a review for Hostiso as I realised I’ve been their client for over a 3 year, without a single incident. Currently I host only 20 domains with them, including our own dedicated servers and VPS, so I can tell when something is (or isn’t) ideal as far as web hosting goes.

    My websites have never had any downtime, slowdown or miscellaneous problems with email or whatnot. I just opened a ticket for the first time with them, for a billing issue (not their fault, just something I needed a clarification for), and found out they also have a very client-oriented service.

    I really have nothing else to add, everything “just works” as it should.

    Fully recommend to choose Hostiso!

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