How To Earn Money With Bit.Tube : Review, Best YouTube Alternative

The Bit.Tube is a Blockchain based free video hosting website. Generally there would be no one across the world who doesn’t know about YouTube. It is too early to say that Bit.Tube surpasses YouTube in usage and popularity. But, Bit.Tube is definitely a best alternative to YouTube when it comes to the monetization part. The YouTube pays money to publishers on CPC revenue model. That means the revenue generates based on the clicks. You will not earn based on views.

While coming to the Bit.Tube, you will get paid based on the views. You do not need to panic about clicks anymore. Bit.Tube has an unique cryptocurrency wallet and the unit is Tube. The content creators or publishers can convert these Tubes or tokens into real money through cryptocurrency exchanges.

The best part of Bit.Tube is that they don’t show any ads. So, unlike YouTube the users won’t get disturbed by Video or text ads. You might ask me then how Bit.Tube makes money. They make money only through mining. The Bit.Tube claims that they keep only 10% revenue share with them. Being a publisher, you will be getting 90% revenue share. I have never heard of any ad network, affiliate network or program that shares 90% profit.

What Are The Best Features Of The Bit.Tube Video Platform? And Why It Is A Better Alternative To The YouTube Monetization?

  • The storage, streaming and wallet in Bit.Tube is decentralized.
  • Unlike YouTube, there is no need to panic about take down of videos. The YouTube has full control on the video content. While coming to the Bit.Tube, there is no such rule of deleting videos.
  • The publishers do not need to worry about the censorship in Bit.Tube. Whereas the YouTube imposes strict censorship rules.
  • The Bit.Tube does not host ads and the publishers can make money without adverts. While coming to the YouTube, the revenue model is based on ads. The viewers can see all types of adverts : Text, banners and video ads.
  • The Bit.Tube will not disable monetization at any point of the time. On the other hand, the YouTube can enable or disable monetization anytime.
  • The YouTube channel owners are eligible to monetize only, when their channel attracts 4000 hours watching time and have at least 1000 subscribers. There are no such rigid rules in Bit.Tube. You can start monetizing from the day 1 itself.
  • The AirTime is a monetization model, and the revenue earned by users and publishers is based on the time spent watching videos.

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For Publishers – How To Upload Videos On The Bit.Tube?

There are 2 options to host videos on the Bit.Tube :

  • The content creators or publishers can directly upload videos using “Upload Media Files” option.
  • If you own a channel in YouTube, then you can simply migrate all videos by connecting to YouTube. You have the freedom to choose the desired videos for migration.

Bit.Tube upload videos

In my case, I own a YouTube channel named Crazy Collections but monetization is not enabled at the time of writing. So, I migrated videos from YouTube to Bit.Tube without any hassle. You do not need to worry about video format. Bit.Tube takes care of it. Once the visitors watch your videos, you will start earning tube tokens.

How To Convert Tubes Into Real Cash?

This is a little tricky part but I will try to make it simple. Before cash out, you need to have Bitcoin wallet. If you have a Bitcoin wallet, then you can send earned Tube tokens to your wallet address. If you do not have any, then create a Bitcoin wallet. I personally recommend Coinbase because of its reliability, ease and non-complexity. Once you setup your wallet, you will be assigned a unique address. If you need a new address, you can create it. Please find the image below.

Coinbase address

After sending tube tokens to BTC address, you can sell the Bitcoins and withdraw funds in your currency. Indians can use this Cryptocurrency exchange to sell BTC and withdraw funds.

Bit.Tube wallet

Bit.Tube For Users :

The users will get rewarded for watching videos. However, the revenue depends on the time spent. The user must install Bit.Tube browser extension to get rewards. At the time of this writing, the browser extension is available on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Brave. Apart from videos, the users can also earn rewards by visiting websites and social profiles. Visit to know more.

What Are The Alternatives To The (Reviews)

Final Conclusion :

One must join the Bit.Tube video streaming platform for earning rewards. If you had worked as a Bit.Tube publisher or user, then share your experiences. Hope this Bit.Tube review help people to get started.

Join Bit.Tube Video Streaming Platform And Earn Rewards !!!

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