How To Monetize YouTube Channel Without AdSense

There are several ways to make money online and one of the ones made by people around the world is using YouTube. This has become an excellent tool in which users can generate extra income by uploading videos and gaining subscribers from all over the world.

Talk About Different Ways of Monetization in YouTube without AdSense

Method No 1: YouTube :

YouTube offers the monetization of the use of its services by adding ads to the videos uploaded to your network. These offer your users some profit while the videos have the ads, regardless of who the viewers of the videos click on them. YouTube gives 55 percent of the gain to the owner of the video and remains with the remaining 45 percent. That way millions of users are encouraged to upload more videos of better quality and thus make more money.

Method No 2: AdSense:

AdSense is the tool that YouTube uses to make payments. These control all actions and transactions through AdSense. This is one of the most implemented ways to make money with YouTube; however, it has some disadvantages; multiple strikes or blocks around the world, inactivity invalid clicks and rejection in the monetization of the content visited. Many people have started uploading videos hoping to make a great fortune with their publications, but many times they fail and have to migrate to other networks or create a new channel on YouTube.

Is Affiliate Marketing Useful Method to Earn Money?

However, there is a way to make money from YouTube without AdSense. You can make money without monetizing YouTube videos. This is a rare method often used by some really large channels with a lot of subscribers. But you can also make money using this method using in your videos. This form of monetization is mostly used by bloggers and is much more popular with them. This method is called affiliate marketing. You can also earn money from your YouTube videos through affiliate marketing. But, how can you use affiliate marketing to make money on YouTube videos?

Online affiliate marketing is one of the ways to get YouTube monetization without AdSense. It is about recommending a product or service to visitors or readers and they receive a commission as the reward of each sale or customer referred.

You can choose from different products and then recommend the products that you may find useful, and they are worth the buy. To use it you must click bank or affiliate program. You can find a lot of products to choose from and then market them in front of the public.

Steps to Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing:

Steps to join affiliate marketing

  • First, you must choose an affiliate product that matches the niche of channels.
  • Once you get a product affiliate to market, then you have to create an interesting video that promotes that affiliate product.
  • Then, upload the video to the YouTube channel and include the affiliate link in the description of the video.

From that moment only people should be expected to watch the videos and then make a sale. You can promote as many products as possible, but it is advisable to promote a product by video. If you want to work with another, it is better to do it by creating another video to market that product. This method can help you earn a lot more money than through a YouTube channel, even without using AdSense to monetize them.

Important Tips about How to Make Monetizing Videos Successful in Affiliate Product Method:

However, it is advisable to read the following tips before you start monetizing videos with an affiliate product.

Tip No 1: It must be an attractive product:

It is imperative that you have the niche of some people looking for that, and you are getting views about them. Niche channels should serve to appeal to the public in order to generate sales and make money. This condition was the same as AdSense because in order to attract visitors to the affiliate’s website the content should attract visitors or buyers of the product.

Tip No 2: The content will not appear as an ad:

The video to be made to promote the affiliate product will not appear as a typical ad for that product. They must have to gain public trust and have to make them feel as if they are personally recommending the product to them.

Tip No 3: Mention About Experiences:

You should mention about experiences with this product, and why you should buy the product. You have to have one or more reasons to buy that product. Also, letting them know how the product is going to sell is better than other similar products on the Internet.

YouTube monetization without AdSense has several advantages as you can choose from a wide variety of products according to your niche channel. You can drive a lot of sales if you are using correct affiliate marketing tactics. No worries about getting your Monetization feature turned off by the YouTube team. By using the right marketing strategies, you can earn even more than you earned from AdSense through your videos.

AdSense is not the end of the world. Anyone honest with their work can try thousands of methods that can make even more benefits than AdSense. Build a channel on YouTube and start generating audience first, by uploading quality content. Because you can try any method of monetization for the YouTube channel if the channel contains quality and useful content and channel subscribers love to watch the videos of that channel.

Although it seems impossible, it is possible to make a profit without participating in this program. So for those who cannot or want to get into AdSense for some reason on staff, they also have an opportunity on YouTube. One should only continue to seek followers and if they register on the channel, much better. It’s important to note that YouTube earns money for views rather than followers, but as long as you have more followers you can have more opportunities for videos to be viewed.


When you have a successful channel, you can be sure that it will attract the attention of those who want to sell the products or services, this way you can place in the descriptions of the videos links, which means, you will be advertising with the media. Everybody can put ads without intermediaries that are easy. This way you can control your earnings and what appears on your channel. Many successful YouTubers put links in the descriptions that take their followers to online stores of specific products, there are also many people interested in selling music, video games, courses, tutorials and much more, and your channel is an ideal medium, they know it. They can even use the channel to sell their own products; there is much that can be done by having a successful channel on YouTube.

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