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Hello readers today we are launching this Interview series on your favorite blog We are going to interview prominent personalities who are successful in running online businesses. So, in this first series we’re interviewing Mr.Giorgi of AdsWikia is a popular website dedicated to reviewing ad networks and CPA platforms.

Hello Mr.Giorgi thanks for accepting for this Interview. My readers would be very excited to know about you and AdsWikia. So let’s get started without wasting anytime.

How Giorgi Became An Internet Entrepreneur?

I had first got involved with internet entrepreneurship at early age. At school I’ve started technology blog together with my friends. By the way the blog is still active. Since then I had several small projects, but finally got interested by online marketing.

What Made You To Start AdsWikia?

Actually my own needs had brought me to the idea. I wanted consolidated source of information on Advertising networks, Affiliate Networks, as well as, Affiliate Marketing companies and PTP sites (at the beginnings) and I could not find such source.

When Did you Start AdsWikia And How Is The Experience So Far?

I have started ADSWikia in October 2014, while completely unprepared to the job. The site went down several times for weeks and I had difficulties in finding and contacting companies, I am writing about now, at the beginning.

How Do Ad Networks Approach You To Get Listed On AdsWikia?

ADSWikia is easy and free service. To add company in the listing its representative has to fill out special form and send it to our email.

What Are The Main Strategies You Follow To Monetize AdsWikia?

The project AdsWikia is not finalized yet, many new services are planned to be added. But I have to admit to webmasters and company owners that AdsWikia and projects launched on this domain will always be free.

What are the challenges you faced in running AdsWikia?

We try to provide most accurate information to our customers. There are a lot of offers to publish false information about Networks, that are cheating its customer and we were offered substantial remuneration for such actions.

We are also working to fine tune and simplify the blog, so that even amateur webmaster could feel at ease.

How Do You See AdsWia In Next Few Years?

I do not normally talk about future beyond 3 months, but I think in a year’s time ADSWikia will have all the necessary information about online traffic monetization.

What are the other projects you are handling other than AdsWikia?

We are working on several projects, including forum and help desk for starting webmasters.

Do You Have Any Suggestions For Budding Entrepreneurs Or Newbies Who want to build brands like AdsWikia?

Everything is possible, never give up! To say in two words when I launched ADSWikia I knew little English and none of Web development.

Thank you for this opportunity to introduce myself and ADSwikia to your readers. Hope you will find it interesting.

He can be reached on his Facebook page .

Hope you guys have enjoyed this Interview. Please share this interview on your social profiles so that people get motivated knowing Mr.Giorgi’s journey of building successful online business.

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  1. The owner of adswikia just copy and paste content from other websites. Recently he copied my content and when i requested him to remove or modify the content. He refused to do ! Make sure that he won’t copy your content haha 😉

    1. This is disgusting Amit bro. You can file DMCA complaint with Google. They will remove his page from search results.

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