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Hello readers today I’m interviewing one of my friend and Founder of I want to tell you guys that AdnetsReview is one of the successful ad networks review website.

Hello Amit thank you for accepting for this Interview. My readers would be very excited to know about you and AdNetsreview. So let’s get started without wasting any time.

Tell Me Something About Your Educational Background And Family.

Well, first of all I would like to thank you for your generosity of interviewing me on such a huge platform. I have graduated in Computer Science Engineering.

I have a small and happy family. My father is a public servant and my mother is a homemaker. And I’m the second eldest of four siblings.

When Did You Start Blogging? What Made You To Start AdNetsReview?

I started blogging in 2013. The major thing that made me to start AdNetsReview was my idea to create a platform for online publishers, advertisers and ad networks where they can easily meet and accomplish their goals.

There were multiple other things that also made me to start AdNetsReview like unavailability of much resources, I wanted to learn more about ad networks, and yes, money was another factor that motivated me.

When Did You Start AdNetsReview? What Are The Challenges You Faced Initially?

I started AdNetsReview in December 2014. The major challenges that I faced were ranking up in search results, finding new ad networks, getting approval from major ad networks to provide correct details to my visitors, building a good visitors base etc.

Did You Approach Ad Networks To Get Listed On AdNetsReview or Did They Approach You?

I never approached any ad network like I want to list you on my website. However, I always keep looking for ad networks to list them on my website. I join ad networks without disclosing that I’m the owner of AdNetsReview to keep track of their activities.

Nowadays, networks often approach me to list them on my website. Actually, AdNetsReview offers a free service to ad networks where they can submit their networks to list on it. If the networks comply with my website terms and are safe for my visitors then I list them on my website.

This Is Somewhat Straight Question. Lol. How Do You Monetize AdnetsReview?

Haha, that is something what most bloggers don’t want to disclose but since you are my friend I’m disclosing it for your visitors.

I monetize AdNetsReview through affiliate links and selling ad spaces only.

How Do You Want To Make Your Website Different From Others?

Actually, I want to make AdNetsReview a powerful platform for my visitors where they can review ad networks efficiently. I want to provide them as much facilities as possible.

My focus is to create a powerful community of publishers, advertisers and ad networks.

How Do You Promote Your Reviews? Do You Follow SEO Strategies To Rank Your Articles?

I basically try to write good quality articles to rank above in search results. Apart from that, I promote my reviews on some social platforms.

Yes, I follow SEO strategies to rank my articles. I try to put the right keywords in my articles and I follow all Yoast guidelines to create quality articles.

What are the other projects you are handling other than AdnetsReview?

Currently, I’m working on multiple projects apart from AdNetsReview. Since, you can’t rely on a single website, I run three more websites of different niche. One of my latest project is Tod Review, which is an affiliate network review website.

Do You Have Any Suggestions For Newbies Who want to build review websites like Adnetsreview?

I can give some suggestions based on my personal experience :

  • Build a self hosted website.
  • Try to get a powerful review theme. When I started my website there were very few themes but now there are various review themes available in the market.
  • Follow websites like Way2Earning, AdsWikia etc to find new ad networks.
  • Join some popular forums to interact with other publishers, advertisers and ad networks.
  • Build good relationship with your visitors and keep innovating !

Again, I would like to thank you for providing me this great opportunity. I hope your visitors will find it interesting.

Have a good day !

Hope you guys have enjoyed this Interview and find it useful. Please share this interview on your social profiles so that people get motivated knowing Mr.Amit’s journey of building successful online business.

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