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Hello readers today I’m interviewing a very special guest Mr. I. C. Daniel from Romania. He is the brain behind BeerMoneyForum, a community dedicated to exchanging experiences of making money online. I want to tell you guys that BeerMoneyForum is doing pretty good. It is one of the successful forum covering topics related to Affiliate Marketing, Traffic and Monetization, Bitcoin Ad networks, ways to make money online and much more. The best part is that this forum is also rewarding members for being active etc. Isn’t it cool? So let’s start the interview without wasting any time.

Hello, Mr. Daniel thanks for taking your time for this Interview. Undoubtedly my readers would feel happy knowing you and your journey.

1. Please tell me about your family and education?

Hello, thanks for having me. I’m 25, from a modest family with 2 younger sisters, we live in Romania. I finished high school and in that summer when I did not take the degree so I can go to university I looked for “ways to make money with a mobile phone”, I did not have a computer yet. And that’s how my online journey started!

2. When did you first heard of make money online niche? Who motivated you for choosing online career?

In that summer, about 6 years ago I had an LG 3, with rotating camera, I sold my bike for it, that was my first phone, to be frank. I was looking for ways to make money with a phone, I found some online course, and even end up buying a domain name all from that LG 3, I clearly remember the pain I had browsing that non-mobile friendly site. And right after our parents received an old computer as a gift and they give it to me, the first year I haven’t made a freaking dollar, tried everything and did not work, than I realized I’m doing it all wrong, because I never stick with a method, I jump everyday to something new. And I decided to learn from scratch how to build websites that generate passive income. I learned alone how to create a blog powered by WordPress, how to create a forum, cPanel, managing a site etc.

Truth is when I finished high-school I did had a professional driver license with B, C grades and I could find companies looking for drivers, but I wanted something easier, more freedom. So I was forced to find work online, to sustain myself, to stop asking money from parents, and after creating my first website and receiving my first Adsense paycheck I started to love the freedom I have because of working online.

3. How did BeerMoneyForum happened in your life? When did you start it?

I was looking for a forum where people help each other to make money online and I could not find a place that I’m happy to visit every day, most I found don’t allow referral links, or they were badly managed, no cleaning, everything a mess, very hard to navigate and find something good, that’s why I decided to create and have sections where referral links are allowed and members can help each other sharing programs they work with and got paid.

4. I think there were many popular forums on the internet when you started BMF. So naturally you must have faced some competition. What were the challenges you faced initially?

BMF initially was a side project, I was working on it on my spare time, at first was very hard to kickstart the forum, I spent a lot of cash hiring forum posters and the forum still did not receive enough search engine traffic to sustain himself active, after that I decided to spend more time on it, I start to personally help people, sharing topics on Facebook, I start buying Facebook ads, buying video promotion to popular Youtubers, I started myself a Youtube channel and people start gaining trust, they start to follow me and here we are a small yet powerful community and growing very fast every day.

5. How do you monetize BeerMoneyForum?

We have a powerful in-house advertising system, country targeting, we can offer cost per click, cost per view, cost per day, week, month etc. Right now, we offer 2 ads positions that can be rent per week, on top and bottom of the forum, when we don’t have direct advertisers we put CPA offers and Adsense.

6. Coming to rewarding part, I think it’s a very innovative idea and I can’t resist appreciating you. Do you share your advertising revenues with members?

Yes, we share the revenue with our active members, our rewarding system tracks their activity and drops small rewards we call them BMF Coins, people love it so much even it’s so little, it helps, especially in their early days of making money online. When they reach minimum 1340 BMF Coins they can redeem for PayPal cash.

7. Which one do you suggest someone who wants to choose either Adsense or Affiliate marketing for monetization?

Honestly, most of our revenue is from direct ads, CPA offers and Adsense is pretty low, so I recommend offering ad space on your site, usually, advertisers contact you and pay upfront. Until direct advertisers will come of course affiliate marketing and Adsense are your best alternatives.

8. What are the other websites that you own apart from BeerMoneyForum?

I have other small sites, not as great as and prefer not share them.

9. Do you have any suggestions for newbies who want to build forums like you?

If you wanna build successful forum, prepare lots of cash for advertising, first decide the niche that solves a problem otherwise it’s a failure, find the perfect domain name, get best forum software + premium skin, and for the love of God start with couple categories, don’t create 20 topics, start with 7-10, and create more when members ask for it, otherwise it’s a BIG empty forum that nobody wants to join since it looks barely active.

Managing the forum is the hardest part, setup the rules and stick with them, you will have to deal with daily human spam, that’s what it is, there are hungry people out there that will do anything for a link click. Don’t expect money to fall overnight, forums are hard to build, and time-consuming, especially these days when Facebook is the king of social media. If you do the right thing, people will follow you and success too. Good luck!

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