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Hello readers today we are having this special Interview on your favourite blog So, in this series We are interviewing Brian, editor-in-charge of operations and contributor. Actually we tried for founder/founders interview but we found that Mr.Brian is contributing in shaping Monetizepros brand. So we thought he would be the best choice for this interview.

Hello Brian, thank you so much for accepting this Interview. My readers would be pretty excited to know about you and MonetizePros. So let’s get started.

1.  How did you start your Internet career?  (It would be fine if you tell us little about your schooling, college, education etc.)

Brian’s Answer : I started out as a mass communications student who had fallen in love with digital marketing. After graduation I spent most my time in working as a freelancer. I was writing articles and ghost writing for e-book authors. Eventually I stumbled across a web monetization niche. I was fascinated on how diverse and progressive the world of monetization is. So I started writing more about monetization and focused more on e-commerce. Long story short, after 3 years in the industry I got introduced to MonetizedPros through linkedIn. They had a position available, so I applied for it and here I am now one of’s contributors.

2. So could you please tell our readers about MonetizePros?

Brian’s Answer : MonetizePros was founded by 4 passionate web entrepreneurs in 2010. They are all experts in web monetization. This platform was started to help guide publishers through the scary path of web monetization. It’s a steep learning curve and there are so many monetization methods and partners to choose from. Our goal is to provide a helpful hand to those publishers that want to further monetize their sites while keeping their users happy.

3. How Do Ad Networks Approach You To Get Listed On MonetizePros?

Brian’s Answer : Most ad networks search on Google, “Ad Network Reviews”. Since MonetizePros has the first organic result because of our wealth of quality ad network reviews, they approach us to get on our ad network directory. Once they get their review on the directory, that review is usually the first organic result for “{Insert Ad Network Name} Review”.

4. What are your main sources of Monetizing MonetizePros?

Brian’s Answer : The main sources are 1. Affiliate Marketing, 2. Ad Network Marketing Plan and 3. Yield Management Consultation

5. What are the challenges you faced in running MonetizePros?

Brian’s Answer : Keeping up with the web monetization, particularly the ad tech industry. With the introduction of header bidding, ad tech has never moved so quickly. It’s very exciting to see the level of innovation these days.

6. Where do you see MonetizePros in next 5 Years?

Brian’s Answer : We see MonetizePros to be #1 trusted source for web monetization content and ad tech news. We also plan to expand our consultation offering to help publishers to a greater degree.

7. What are the other projects you are handling other than MonetizePros?

Brian’s Answer : The addition of consultation and programmatic strategy reviews has been taking the majority of our time. We have had many readers ask us for this type of offering so we’re working hard to get it right the first time. We want to achieve high ROI consistently for our publisher clients.

8. Do You Have Any Suggestions For Budding Entrepreneurs Or Newbies Who want to build brands like MonetizePros?

Brian’s Answer : Start building niche content and post consistently. It will take some time but your readers will accumulate if you have valuable content. From there, you can build offerings that they are looking for.

Thank you Brian. Hope you guys have enjoyed this Interview. Please share this interview on your social profiles so that people get motivated after knowing Brian’s work.

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