DailyMotion Monetization Review : Make Money Uploading Videos

DailyMotion Monetization Review : Make Money Uploading Videos

DailyMotion is a well-known video sharing site where users can upload, share and view videos. Headquartered in France this site is attracting more than 300 million users per month. When it comes to best video sharing experience it stands in second place after YouTube. Apart from uploading videos you can monetize them just like YouTube. So let me explain you how to make money on DailyMotion.

Eligibility Criteria

The partners must upload their own videos and they must comply with DailyMotion terms.


DailyMotion Monetization

There are 4 ways to monetize your video content :

1. Video Monetization

Being a video publisher you earn every time when someone views your ad. Generally DailyMotion serves in-stream advertisements. These ads appear before, during and after videos. The revenue depends on quality of content and views. The very first thing is uploading an informative or appealing content video. The second you need to do is promoting them to the right people. You could promote videos on social networks and mail your friends. Once people find the video interesting, the views automatically will go up. Eventually you could see your revenue boosting.

2. Paid Content

This is a method to monetize your videos by renting or monthly subscription basis. For that you need to upload quality videos in your channel. People won’t turn up to your channel if you upload mediocre content. So be creative while creating video content. You can set your pricing once you get done with uploading quality videos in channel. In this method too you can promote the channel on social networks.

3. Website Monetization

The website owners can make money embedding DailyMotion videos or Widget on their sites.

  • Embed : Being a webmaster you need to embed videos which are relevant to your site. Before getting started you must verify your site. Once it get verified you can embed the code to show ads on your site. You get paid for every valid impression.
  • Widget : You can embed the widget code after customizing layout, content and style. This widget is used to show recommended videos.

Requirements for partners to use Website monetization

  • The partners must not use bots or software to generate fake views.
  • The visitor must click on play button to start the video in Click-to-play widgets otherwise views would not be counted.
  • In case of scroll-to-play widgets the visitor must watch the video for at least 3 seconds.
  • The video player must be larger than 300×250 px and should be placed above the fold.
  • If you use auto-play, the sound on the website and video must be enabled.

4. Copyright Monetization

You can make money when someone uploads videos containing your copyrighted content. It applies to both copyrighted videos and audios. You need to mail to [email protected] before getting started.

Note : The publishers must accept the terms of Partner agreement before monetizing videos.

Ad Formats

DailyMotion serves 4 types of in-stream ads : Pre-roll, Mid-roll, Post-roll and Overlay.


The partners get paid on Net 30 basis. The minimum payout is $100. The payment options are Payoneer, PayPal and prepaid debit MasterCard.

Tools for embedding DailyMotion videos

  • Publish-It! Extension : This browser plugin is used to search DailyMotion videos and get code with single click. This plugin is available in both Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • Matchbox : This tool is used to serve relevant videos on your website. All you have to do is embed the code on your site.
  • API : The developers can integrate DailyMotion videos into their websites or apps.

Features of DailyMotion Monetization

  • Logo overlay : You can brand your videos by adding logo to player.
  • Player Customization : The partners can customize the player’s appearance, colours of progress bar and behaviour.
  • Revenue Analytics : The partners can track their videos performance and revenue using analytics tool.


Address : 140 boulevard Malesherbes, 75017, Paris

Telephone : +33 1 77 35 11 00

Final Conclusion

DailyMotion Monetization is a beneficial program for webmasters and video publishers. You must give it a try to all monetization methods i.e. video monetization, paid content, website monetization and copyrighted monetization. The partners who have tried this video sharing site can share their experiences below. You can also send payment proof. Hope this DailyMotion Monetization Review article help users to get started.

Enable monetization on DailyMotion and start making money by uploading videos

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