Here’s how to Earn Bitcoin by Playing Games

Bitcoin is a virtual currency and as such intangible. Its value far exceeds that of the tangible fiat currency, and its presence can therefore not be relegated to the shelves.

The conventional way of earning bitcoins initially was through mining. With time mining became complex requiring the use of supercomputers to cope with the increasing users and power required to undertake mining and that shift eliminated prospective miners.

You can also earn Bitcoins through trading. This can be done by joining one of the mushrooming bitcoin trading companies where you invest, and the company facilitates the buying and selling of bitcoins to other members within the company, more like the stock market where you buy when the prices are considered lower and sell off when deemed to have peaked.

Speculating is also another way of earning bitcoins where if you predict correctly, you earn rewards in the form of bitcoins. If you are wondering whether it’s possible to earn free BTC, visit for more information.

Bitcoin Earning Games

More recently, there are easier ways of earning bitcoins without having to invest a single coin. All you require to get started is to have a mobile phone. One may wonder how the person paying out the bitcoins is benefiting by you playing a game, but the basic logic is that as you play, you are also reading adverts and the sponsors pay for using that forum and share profits with you. Some of the games that have gained popularity include:-

  1. Blockchain Game

The blockchain technology employs a network that enables every transaction (block) to be linked on to the next one and so on forming a chain of blocks, thus the term blockchain. The Blockchain Game borrows from the same thought process and blocks are stacked together, and the height of the tower that is being built determines the extent of the earning gained. To become a player, you can join by either:-

  1. Downloading the Blockchain Game App from the Play store. Most Android versions will support this.
  2. Register at the Blockchain Game official website by downloading the link and entering your email and bitcoin address, and you are set to play.

The game is easy to operate and easy to earn too especially during the preliminary stages. As you move to advanced levels, earning becomes difficult. This is because as you move to the next level, you are required to build blocks upon the previous level.

This is quite challenging as the block usually shifts position on its own and the higher the level, the faster the shifting. You get the cash out option after every ten levels completed or you proceed further. The minimum payment is 20,000 satoshis. A Satoshi is the smallest unit of bitcoin. One satoshi is 1:0.00000001 BTC.

  • Payments are made by advert sponsors.
  • The game players will notice a lot of pop up adverts during the game process.
  • Payments are made once a week.
  1. Pop Bubbles

This is another interesting game that will help you earn bitcoins as you play. The game involves popping bubbles which pop out in rapid succession and in different directions and colours and the thrill of the game comes in matching three consecutive bubbles of the same color and shooting them using a cannon. Once you get these three, every consecutive match and shoot earns you more payout. This challenge of matching and shooting is exhilarating. It is also a game for Android users.

  1. Read Books

This game of reading is very alluring to ardent book readers who would be getting paid for engaging in a hobby they love – reading. Readers are paid for reading classic books. This idea came up with one Gavin Anderson. One such site that pays for reading classic books is Read Books. The site allows you to earn some bitcoins for reading on the site. You get paid into your balance after every ten minutes, and after a week, the balance earned is transferred to your bitcoin wallet ready for you to use.

  1. Roll and Ball

This is a fairly easy game to play compared to the Blockchain Game or the Pop Bubbles. It involves using your phone to roll the ball on the table until all the coins on the table are collected. There are two versions of the game:

  • Earn 10% of the current advertising


  • Earn 40% on future advertising.

Higher levels of the game involve encountering new obstacles between your ball and the coins although there is no strain on time. The game is unlimited in its time requirement meaning it does not have a time frame by which to end it. The ads come in video form and follow each level. You have to have ample time to play this game if you are to earn any reasonable amounts.

  1. Play Dice

The player starts out with a small amount of free balance. One gets paid for playing dice on many websites. Common sites are and etcetera. The location of the player bears some impact in whether the player can play an actual game or a simulated one. Whichever game, however, some coins will still be earned.

Researching Dice Strategies also earns you free bitcoins and investing the time in your research could turn our earnings to a fairly respectable amount.

Bitcoin Faucets

Faucets do not necessarily engage the user in playing a game in order to earn. One earns simply by clicking an ad button. Faucets have been around a while, and a few reputable ones include Bitcoin Zebra, Moon Bitcoin and Free Bitcoin. A comprehensive list can be got by visiting the Land of Bitcoin website.

At some point in time, we sometimes find ourselves in uncomfortable situations and strapped for cash to get out of the mess. Playing one or all of the above games listed could go a long way to easing the situation and actually making some decent cash as a long-term strategy! It is actually possible to join the cryptocurrency rave by not engaging in anything technical. All you have to do is engage in an enjoyable pastime and earn as you have fun.

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