How Students Can Earn Money While Studying in Germany


Germany became a very popular study destination and each year more and more students choose it as the main direction for their study. Moreover, the numbers of students who want to study in this “land of opportunity” increased hugely in previous decades.

The most students highlight that the main reasons why they have chosen Germany are the following:

  • Free higher education;
  • Well-qualified professors and a strong educational foundation;
  • Numerous postgraduate job opportunities.

It should be also noted that many students start to think about how to finance their studies and have enough money for living expenses immediately upon arrival. And Germany is ready to offer a lot of options for those seekers. But the most essential condition is that they shouldn’t forget about their study. And it’s really hard to find time for it.

But, fortunately, there are a lot of professional sites that can ease your life. They write all kinds of different university papers and really know “wie schreibt man Kursarbeit”. They understand that many young people try to work in different fields to discover their talent, find their calling and place in life and it is often left very little time for the university. But they will help you cope with your educational tasks.

And what about job options? What should you know about seeking job in Germany? So, let’s figure it out.

Work Permission in Germany

  1. European students. You are lucky if you are a student from one of the European countries as you have free access to the German job market. Another advantage is that you have no limits to how much you want to work. However, you should pay attention that if you work more than twenty hours per week then you have to pay taxes to the German social security system. Moreover, if you earn more than 450 EUR, you need to have an income tax number.
  2. Non-European students. If you are not from the European country then you should emphasize that you are allowed to take up to 120 full days of work per year or 240 half-days a year. But there are also many federal states in Germany which allow you to work during vacation.

Work Options for Students

There are a lot of work options for students in Germany. The most popular of them are the following:

  • Support staff/waiters at cafés or bars
  • Shopping assistant
  • Babysitting
  • Home delivery
  • Research assistant at the university
  • Office assistant
  • Language tutor
  • Call center officer
  • Field interviewer

They are paid typically from 6 € to 10-15€ per hour. Vacancies can be found on newspaper websites, in student unions or at the university. Be aware: you need a good German or at least English for the most of these jobs.

Work Options for University Post-Graduates

  1. European students. You won’t have any problems finding a job in Germany as you have the same rights as German residents.
  2. Non-European students. You should apply for the extend residence permit for up to 18 months to find a work. The 18 months will begin as soon as you will get the result of your final exam. Therefore, it’s better to start to look for the job during your final semester. You can work as much as you want during these 18 months. As soon as you will find a job, you should apply for a German residence card or EU Blue Card. If you apply for the Blue Card, you should find a job where you will earn at least €49,600.

To sum it up, there are a lot of job options for students in Germany. That’s why it is better for every student to try at least some of them. Having a job during their studies will not only help them earn some money for living expenses but it will also help them to improve their skills, get work experience and contact with potential employers.

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