5 things you should know before starting your own blog

Blogging is the biggest sensation of this decade. These days people prefer blogging rather than writing diaries. But, there are some people who have heard the term but don’t know how to start. Every business or individual can promote themselves using a blog. This article I will discuss the 5 things you should know before starting your own blog.

  1. Why do you want to start a blog?

This is the very first important thing one should think before starting a blog. Why do you need a blog? As everyone knows a blog is like an online journal. You can share your opinions or passions with people around the globe. You should come out with the original purpose behind starting a blog. Is it money that you are looking from blogging or do you really want to help people? Again the purpose depends on the type of blog. Some people would like to start a personal blog to share their photos or poetry with family and friends. Here the idea of making money out of this blog doesn’t exist. Many celebrities blog to seek attention from fans.

If you are a business owner and want to get leads or sales then a company blog plays a vital role.

The third category of bloggers start a blog with a unique niche. The niche is essentially what they are passionate about. It could be anything from weight loss tips to fashion. These blogs have brighter chances of making money from display advertising.

The fourth category of bloggers sell their own product or book using a blog.

How to start a blog?

The newbies might be interested to know how to start a blog. There are many companies offering design and development services. But, among them Wix website builder offers the best tools to create a blog or website.

Who provides solutions for complete webmasters needs?

Many webmasters and bloggers have benefited from a Nasdaq listed company called Wix. Founded in 2006 this company has been remarkably successful in serving millions of people,their user base is more than 85 million! This company provides every solution a webmasters needs, wannabe webmasters can use this website builder to build sites and blogs It provides everything from online stores, hundreds of templates, SEO tools, their very own newsletter service, Wix Shoutout, an exclusively developed service that  can run active Email campaigns. The users can customize the templates based on their priorities. Their HTML5 and App market are a big hit in the industry. Wix Hotels and Wix Music are the two innovative products launched in 2014 and 2015 respectively. The best part is that you can get these services in affordable prices.

  1. What is your blog’s niche?

The second most important thing the wannabe bloggers should think about is a niche. You should start a blog with the niche that you are very passionate about.

For instance you are fond of cooking and love to experience different recipes. Then you could start a food blog and share your recipes with world. This way you could also get connected to fellow bloggers from the same niche.

Some bloggers make mistakes in choosing a right niche. It is an utter blunder if you choose the uninterested niche. At the same time you need to have adequate knowledge about the subject. For instance if you love to travel a lot then starting a travel blog would be the best thing. In this case starting a technology blog would be a bad idea.

  1. What makes your blog different from others?

There are millions of blogs in the whole blogosphere. There might be thousands of competitors in your niche. So why do people visit your blog and why would they read your posts are the two crucial questions. There must be some specialty in your blog otherwise readers won’t visit. You must work on presenting the content in effective ways. It is a proven fact that people get attracted to images, videos and infographics. So adding relevant graphics to the content makes it more appealing to the readers. You must make sure that you use copyright free media.

The wannabe bloggers must research the topics very well before starting a blog.

Apart from using media the content must be very well written. Bloggers should proofread the content to remove any grammatical and spelling mistakes.

The unique and impressive content wins the race.

  1. Know your competitors

Knowing your competitors is the forth important thing before starting a blog. Bloggers have to go though their competitors’ blogs and analyze the design, usability and performance of blog posts. This would help you in developing your own blogging strategies. What made their blogs successful is the thing one should look. Is it simply the content or promotions that visitors got attracted?

Be original. Don’t just copy their strategies. You need to develop your own strategy to create content and attract readers.

  1. How do you promote your content?

Creating a blog and writing content won’t make your blog successful. You need to promote the content in all possible ways. The wannabe bloggers must learn the necessary strategies to promote their blog posts. There are various channels like social networks and blogging curation sites where you can share the blog posts. But the best method is optimizing the blog posts for search engines. The bloggers can do it for free. You need to use right keywords in the article. Making attractive and keyword rich headlines will surely help. The bloggers can place subscription widget on the blog to create a subscribers list. Apart from free strategies wannabe bloggers can also use paid campaigns to generate traffic.

I hope this article “5 things you should know before starting your own blog” help wannabe bloggers to get started.

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  1. Very informative post and would be quite helpful for new as well as veteran bloggers…. 🙂

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