5 Ways To Strategize Like A Money Blogger

Being a tad bit greedy isn’t always bad, specially when you are trying to earn a living online from a zero to a hero kinda situation if you are starting from scratch then you need to be focusing on content as well as how you’ll be monetizing that content later on.

Its really important for “make money online” type bloggers to always keep their eyes on the prize (money, duh) and sometimes bloggers get lost in the process of it, here are my 5 ways to think like a money blogger.

Content for potential niche advertisers

Know your advertiser demographic, if you are just posting random content on the fly and hoping to land an advertiser then you won’t.
You need to know where your next cheque/payment is coming from and whom, to do that you need to do the research on what niches pay the most or what niches are making the most money and become a resource for that!

Capacity and Accommodation

You can not sell what you don’t have in the first place the site’s design plays a vital role here, if you have sufficient ad space then you can sell a good number of ads on it, if they perform well your advertisers WILL come back!

Protect your investment

If you have invested money in to your blog then you need to make sure you make it back within 3-5 months otherwise the money would have been wasted, if you are investing in making your site look better or for more content on it then you need to preplan your next move on how you are going use that investment/addition to your site and monetize the crap out of it.

Quality over quantity

If you want to make some serious money online then always aim for quality rather then quantity, its the amount of work that goes into every single post which is obvious that you are good at what you do and both the readers and your advertisers can see that!

Make sure you love your work, otherwise its just another day job.

Valuing your readers

If your readers don’t feel like they are being noticed while participating on your blog, then theres no point in being a money blogger, its important that you value every opinion and give that opinion a second thought before you go on disregarding it.

Readers (for a blog mostly) are the heartbeat for a blog if people weren’t interested in what you write then why would they come back for more in the first place?

Make sure you make content for readers, not the other way around.

Author Bio : Leo Doss, general manager of Carlined.com

Leo works as a manager for one of the best companies of custom car pars. He provides such goods as he interior and exterior custom accessories, automotive lighting and auto body parts. He tries to position herself as a thought leader in the car world.

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