7 Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online : Step By Step Guide

7 Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online : Step By Step Guide Gone are the days when people solely depend on the mainstream jobs. Thanks to the technology. The income opportunities have eventually grown with evolution of Internet. The major search engines had risen to that significant places where they are…

5 things you should know before starting your own blog

Blogging is the biggest sensation of this decade. These days people prefer blogging rather than writing diaries. But, there are some people who have heard the term but don't know how to start. Every business or individual can promote themselves using a blog. This article I will discuss the 5 things you should know…

Top 7 Plugins to Create an Auto Blog

Auto blogging is very popular these days among part time bloggers, and trending in blogging arena. So we would like to share name of few plugins to help readers of this blog to create an auto blog, this will really help those bloggers who have no time for their blog. All we…

How to start a self hosted WordPress blog

WordPress provides free software to build self hosted blogs. The software would be installed on a web server. These days the best web hosting companies made it simple with a single click. The most popular third-party auto installers are Softaculous and Fantastico. These add-ons enable users to install WordPress. You…

Start a blog is a free blog hosting service. The domain structure would be The biggest advantage is there is no need to pay for hosting services which includes bandwidth and web space. You have the option to buy custom domain name ( and redirect it. The main disadvantage in using free wordpress blog is that you can’t run own ads.

1. Go to and click Get started to create a blog. Fill all the required fields and check your mail for the confirmation. (more…)

Start a blogger blog

Creating a blog using is very easy. It is the best blogging solution for the beginners as hosting ( bandwidth and disk space) is free. To start a blogger blog login to using gmail account. Being a blogger you can write about a topic that interests you. You can add necessary pictures, Infographics and videos to the text to make the blog post interesting. Many pro-bloggers have started their blogging journey with blogger blog. From many pro-bloggers perspective newbies should start a blogger blog to gain experience.

The URL structure would be . You can redirect to the custom domain ( .

Start a blogger blog


Press ‘New Blog’ to get started.


How to start a successful online business from scratch

How to start a successful online business from scratch There are mainly two ways involved while starting an online business 1. Start a Website to promote your products or services The very first way is to start your own website. Before starting up one has to think about the niche… Protection Status