Start a blog is a free blog hosting service. The domain structure would be The biggest advantage is there is no need to pay for hosting services which includes bandwidth and web space. You have the option to buy custom domain name ( and redirect it. The main disadvantage in using free wordpress blog is that you can’t run own ads.

1. Go to and click Get started to create a blog. Fill all the required fields and check your mail for the confirmation.

create a wordpress blog

2. Sometimes wordpress shows ads on your blog. It is really annoying. Isn’t it? To get rid of ads you can upgrade any time to the premium version of The storage space is limited in free version.

wordpress upgrade

3. Choose Create Blog to get started. Enter title and start writing new post.

Add a new post

Final Conclusion: is highly recommended for beginners. It is always better to go for self hosting if you want to make a successful blog.

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