Start a blogger blog

Creating a blog using is very easy. It is the best blogging solution for the beginners as hosting ( bandwidth and disk space) is free. To start a blogger blog, login to using gmail account. Being a blogger you can write about a topic that interests you. You can add necessary pictures, Infographics and videos to the text to make the blog post interesting. Many pro-bloggers have started their blogging journey with blogger blog. From many pro-bloggers perspective newbies should start a blogger blog to gain experience.

The URL structure would be . You can redirect to the custom domain ( .

Start a blogger blog

Press ‘New Blog’ to get started.

Start a blogger blog

Select title, address and template to get stared. Press ‘Create blog’ and you are done.

Start a blogger blog

The last step is to write a new post and publish it. You can publish any number of posts. The biggest advantage is that you can monetize blogger blog with different contextual advertising programs. Any one from any part of the world can start a blogger blog.

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