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I remember those days when webmasters and bloggers were struggling for Adsense account. There was no other option to monetize their sites. Apart from sites monetization there were no better ways to make money online. Now the scenario has completely changed. There is so much of innovation going on now. pay money to affiliates for uploading images. It is really cool, isn’t it. The commission type of this network is CPV (Cost per 1000 views). review applications prior to approval.

Requirements for affiliates to join network

The affiliates must not

  • Use bots or software to manipulate clicks or impressions
  • Have broken copyright laws.
  • Use copyrighted images to upload.
  • Use proxies, VPN, PTC sites, auto refreshing sites, URL shorteners and traffic exchanges to generate fake traffic.
  • Host any objectionable content like child pornography and spam.
  • Have multiple accounts.
  • Promote illegal activities.

  • Allows all sources of traffic on the condition that they are real visitors.
  • Bans the affiliates who indulge in illegal activities.
  • Counts as 1 view from an IP address for 24 hours.

Note : You might lose your account as well as earnings if found cheating this network.


The affiliates get paid on request basis. The payment options are Paypal, Payza, Skrill and Payoneer (Min $20). The minimum payout is $5.

Best Features

  • This network accepts affiliates worldwide.
  • The affiliates can track their performance and revenue real time.
  • always pay its affiliates on time.
  • The affiliates can upload the images of any size.
  • The maximum file size could be 10Mb.
  • Low threshold payout
  • You can share your images anywhere you want.
  • Social media traffic is acceptable.
  • This network doesn’t delete your images as long as you follow the guidelines.
  • Traffic from reputed Torrent sites get accepted by this network.

Final Conclusion works well for US, UK and Canada traffic. The affiliates who have tried this network can share their experiences below. You can also send payment screenshots. Hope this review help affiliates to get started.

Join this network to upload images and start earning

One thought on “ Review : Upload Images And Make Money

  1. Messrs Imgbb must be removed from web and as soon as possible. They are there to cause harm. Their terms and conditions are not to be trusted and they will steal all your images within weeks if not days.

    I hold all necessary facts and details to prove this. Feel free to request if in doubt my email is [email protected] phone +447825635378.

    I use only publicly available legally clean images.
    Yes, I was caught on free hosting promise. Imgbb site works well and I ignored that they are basic offshore money laundering group. No address, no phone, they never reply. But their trap was widening and widening. They gave higher and higher upload limits. I thought: what a wonderful guys! Terms: a few easy workable lines and you are absolutely free to go.
    Let’s stop here!!!
    Beware! This is where their trap is: as soon as they realize that they have no interest in your images – they ignore their undertakings and you will lose all your images, all your hard work within seconds. And, again, as any other illegal non-legit organization – they don’t reply and won’t return your images.
    They are absolute crooks. Trust me… or lose your files.
    Close Imgbb account as soon as possible.
    Kind regards.

    Robert Court

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