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  1. good old network that pays…looks good

    1. Agree with you, worked with them when they had insure offer.

  2. Adsmain will only pay you if you will earn low amount, but if you will earn big amount, Adsmain will never pay you, and Adsmain manager and owner will stop responding, they will say “advertiser did not pay us”, but its their internal issue, I don’t know advertiser paid them or not, but they saying “advertiser did not pay yet”, and then they will stop responding. What a fun. LOL
    I will remove this review once I will get paid.
    check my screenshot of conversation between Adsmain CEO vlad and Adsmain affiliate manager Daria.
    amount and invoice >
    again I am saying “I will remove this review once I will get paid”.

    1. They paid me, all good, please sorry for bad words!

  3. This is a very good network. Their support team is very professional and always help fast. Payments are in time and very flexible. My manager Vlad Troy is a good guy.

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