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  1. Fake Adnow..! They don’t pay us ! Please don’t signup

  2. Hi , I want to ask you plz about how can we earn with adnow I install scripts but I don’t know how all that works with them.thank you

    1. Hi Once you install the code, the widget would start showing. The widget would show exactly at the place where you installed it. Generally it may take couple of hours as it take some time to analyze the traffic. If still you don’t see the widget then you need to contact Adnow support team.

  3. Thanks for the great review, I will definitely check them out. But I hear some people say that is a scam, but I will do more reaseach

  4. Rahul verma says:

    Sir I add my website on adnow and it was rejected by them I don’t know why even my all things are good and now how can I reapply my site.please help there is no option of reapply the site

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