Adiply Review : CPM Online Advertising Network Publisher Program

Adiply Review : CPM Online Advertising Network

Adiply is an online ad network based in US. The revenue model of this network is CPM. It is a good alternative to Adtomatik ad network. Adiply review sites before approving them.

Requirements for publishers to join Adiply ad network

The sites must not

  • Host any objectionable content like pornography, hacking, gambling, spam, viruses, adware, spyware and malware.
  • Have broken copyright laws.
  • Contain pirated material.
  • Promote illegal activities.

The publishers must not

  • Use bots, proxies, auto refreshing sites, traffic exchanges and PTC sites to generate fake traffic.
  • Alter the ad code.
  • Use bots or software to manipulate clicks and impressions.

Ad Formats

The publishers can have access to the following ad formats :


  1. Desktop Header : 728×90, 720×300
  2. Static Margin : 160×600
  3. Desktop Footer : 728×90, 720×300
  4. Margin Slider : 160×600, 300×600


  1. Mobile Interstitial : 300×250, 300×600
  2. Mobile Footer : 320×50, 320×100
  3. Mobile Video : 300×250


The publishers get paid on Net 45 basis. The payment options are Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer and PayPal. There is no threshold payout.

Best Features

  • Global coverage
  • Easy installation
  • Multiple ad formats ( Desktop and Mobile )
  • Being a publisher you can customize ad units.
  • The visitors can close the ads using closing button.
  • High fill rates
  • Competitive CPM rates
  • No minimum payout
  • The publishers can track their revenue and performance real time.
  • The publishers can receive their earnings on time.
  • Dedicated support


Address : 4849 Greenville Ave Suite 1380, Dallas, TX 75206

Phone : 469-513-8432

Final Conclusion

Adiply works well for all types of sites, small or big. However if your site receives huge traffic from US, UK, Canada and Europe then the revenue would be relatively high compared to Tier 3 traffic. The publishers who have tried this ad network can share their experiences below. You can also send payment screenshot. Hope this Adiply review help publishers to get started.

Join this CPM network and start making money

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