How to make money with CPX interactive

CPX Interactive is one of the popular digital advertising companies in the world. CPX Interactive pays its publishers on CPM ( Cost per 1000 impressions) basis. The ads served are CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions), CPC (cost per click) and CPA (Cost per action).

CPX Interactive offers multiple ad formats like leaderboard, pop-ups, pop-unders, video pop-ups, rectangle and skyscraper. Publishers can select the desired advertisement sizes and use them on the right places on their websites.

Make money with CPX interactive



CPX Interactive allows sites to participate which attracts 30,000 unique page impressions per month. The best part of this program is that publishers can join third-party ad networks while signing up as a CPX Interactive publisher. CPX Interactive is very strict when it comes to approving the publisher sites.

It is advisable for the publishers to go through their Terms & Conditions before signing up. The CPM rates are around $0.20 which is quite reasonable when compared to other CPM programs.


The minimum threshold amount is $100 and paid on Net 45 ( 45 days) basis via Paypal or check.


1. CPX Interactive allows publishers from more than 60 countries.

2. Publishers can run CPX Interactive ads along with other network ads on their sites.

3. Publishers can customize the ads to meet their needs. i.e. they can filter the unwanted ads.

4. Publishers can fill the inventory with third-party advertisements in place of CPX Interactive ads.


1. Blogs or sites hosted on free hosting platforms are not allowed to join CPX Interactive.

2. CPX Interactive allows only top-level domains (Ex:  to participate in the program.

3. It takes long time to review your application.

4. There is no support from CPX Interactive team.

5. CPX Interactive is not offering affiliate program to its publishers.

Final conclusion : You can make money with CPX Interactive if your site attracts more than 1000 unique impressions per day. It would be an added advantage if the traffic comes from US and European countries.

CpxInteractive is now Digital Remedy

6 thoughts on “How to make money with CPX interactive

  1. 30,000 unique visitors each month ??? that is a huge traffic for a starter blog !! well very informative post .. I am bookmarking it ..

  2. Hi Suresh,

    Does CPX support non – English sites? My language is Tamil. What is the required age for site to get approval? My site is just a month old but so far I got 1,11,000 views.

    1. Hi Rakesh,

      Unfortunately CPX don’t support non-English sites. Generally they are very choosy when it comes to approval. Your traffic is good and you’ve more chances to get approved. But, according to CPX publishers they don’t consider 1 month old blogs. Thanks for asking. 🙂

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