IndaHash Influencer Program Review : Make Money On social media

The majority of the people do not know how to make money on social media. On the other hand, some celebs or influential people are promoting products and services on Instagram. I will be talking about such Influencer platform. One can make money on social media by joining IndaHash Influencer program. IndaHash is a mobile based Influencer marketing platform. The IndaHash app is available on Google play store and app store. The influencers will earn money posting photos of various brands on social media. Here social media means Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter.

How To Join IndaHash Influencer Program?

Download the IndaHash mobile app, fill in the details and submit the application. IndaHash team will review your application within 14 days and notify you through E-Mail. If your application gets rejected, then they will let you know the reasons. However, there are few requirements for Influencers to join this program.

Android Users – Download IndaHash On The Google Play store !!!

IPhone Users – Download IndaHash On The App store !!!

What Are the Requirements for Influencers to Join IndaHash Influencer Program?

  • The social account must have at least 300 followers.
  • Your social media account must attract enough engagement.
  • IndaHash will not allow content that is unacceptable by Instagram. So, the accounts with objectionable or copyrighted content must stay away from IndaHash.
  • IndaHash will not allow social media profiles with thin content.

How Does IndaHash Influencer Program Work?

Once your application is approved, you will have access to brand campaigns. The brand campaigns are assigned according to the Influencer’s social media account popularity. You will have absolute freedom to choose your desired campaign. Being an Influencer, either you have to take a photo or record a video and publish it on your social profile. As you all know hashtags or tags are important to rank on social media. So, after uploading a photo or video, you must mention or tag keywords. Once you finish the tasks, you will get paid. The minimum payout is 50 (Your currency).

Contact Info:

If you have anything to ask the IndaHash support team, then reach them at [email protected]

Final Conclusion:

The social media Influencers must join IndaHash Influencer program to earn a smart income. IndaHash works for social media accounts having decent likes, comments and followers. If you had worked as a IndaHash Influencer, then share your experiences in the comment section. We hope this IndaHash influencer program review helps people to get started.

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2 thoughts on “IndaHash Influencer Program Review : Make Money On social media

  1. Using indaHash can achieve a reach that s equal to what you d get throwing money at the most popular influencers, but with much higher engagement rates. Coming off a successful campaign is also a pretty good way to establish rapport with an influencer you d like to work with again. And on top of that, each campaign leaves you with content you can repurpose for other marketing efforts. It removes all the guesswork of finding and negotiating with influencers, leaving brands little to do but come up with an idea for a campaign. Using indaHash still leaves you wanting a way to manage your influencer relationships, at least. It s not a complete influencer marketing solution, by any means. But I m willing to say no solution is complete without it.

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