The Relevance of SEO to Online Marketing

The internet has revolutionized how we do things, even down to how goods and services are being marketed. Now, we have what is known as digital (online) marketing.

Digital marketing also employs tactics to grow businesses, just like every other form of marketing. One of these tactics is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Now, with a reliable and popular SEO firm, you can take your business to where you want it by giving it the proper visibility it needs.

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But how is SEO relevant to digital marketing? How exactly does it help? These are the questions we hope to answer in this article. But first, let us briefly explain what digital marketing is all about.

Digital Marketing – What it is All About

Digital marketing involves the use of electronic devices like tablets, mobile phones, personal computers, and so on to grow online businesses. This can be done in various ways ranging from ads on social media, display ads, online videos, and other related methods.

Since all these are done online, this approach is also called online marketing. To summarize or simplify it all, this approach refers to promoting businesses on the internet via electronic media. By engaging in this, a brand can reach out to several potential clients or customers; this ultimately generates more traffic for the brand’s web page.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is merely a tool for marketing and not marketing itself. This tool is used to enhance or magnify the scope a brand can reach, by doing this, the potential users or customers of the brand are significantly increased.

What SEO does is optimize web pages so that they can become more appealing to those using them. Hence, during the optimization process, the following has to be considered:

  • Inbound links – the number used and the quality of the links. You can watch this video to know what inbound links are.
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • User engagement level
  • The quality of content on the page

The following common methods are also employed in an optimization strategy:

  • On-page: this method typically helps to build the visibility and traffic of web pages.
  • Off-page: this involves link building and promoting web pages. Incoming links are known to significantly affect a website’s ranking when queries are made on search engines. Off-page optimization does not involve changing the website.

The Significance of SEO to Online Marketing

SEO is relevant to online marketing in the following ways:

1. Offers Websites Better Ranking and Visibility

With SEO, the number of prospective clients or customers visiting the site of a business can be significantly increased. This is done by increasing the site’s ranking to be better than that of its competitors. This way, the website would become more visible.

As we have said in the section above, optimization done on-page is often used to achieve this. With this method, the site typically becomes more Google-friendly.

All these are achieved by ensuring the site has every essential page, and that its Meta keywords and keywords density is adequately increased. Optimizations also leverage organic traffics. This way, those visiting the site will increase as well.

When the page is properly optimized, it becomes friendlier to search engines. The number of visitors to the page also increases. When all these happen, the site will keep ranking higher, how high a site rank is also how visible it is. An experienced seo company can help a lot in this.

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2. Builds a Site’s Authority

Right from time, gaining customers’ trust has always been one way businesses stay successful. You can visit to learn some tips to help you build the trust of your customers in your brand.

Now that we are in the age of online shopping, the same remains true. Customers trust that when they search on Google, they will be taken to the most reliable websites that offer the service they need. The websites people deem reliable and trustworthy when they make queries are often those on the first page. Anything after the first page is often considered with a little distrust.

As we have already said, when a site is properly optimized, it will become more visible and rank more. When a page is ranked on the first page, its reputation and trust would improve.

3. Increases the Site’s Web Traffic

One key role of Search Engine Optimization is increasing a site’s web traffic. When this is properly done, the site’s ranking and visibility will increase.

4. Makes User Experience Better

People today do not have time to waste waiting for a website to load. If it does not load in mere seconds, they are almost too willing to leave the site. When the time needed to load the page is long, the page’s conversion rate will also reduce.

Luckily, SEO can be used to make a page more responsive. When the speed the page uses to load is increased, the page’s bounce rate will reduce. Users will be encouraged to spend as much time as possible on the page.

All types of mobile visitors are considered during the optimization. So, it does not matter if the visitor is using a desktop or mobile phone.

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5. Helps with Content Strategy

One of the many things SEO does is ensure a website has high-quality content that will enhance users’ experiences and ultimately bring more visitors to the site. A great content strategy often includes making meaningful and engaging content. Ensuring quality content is on the page is one way to ensure marketing success for any online business.


Ultimately, SEO’s goal is to grow a website and help fulfill the goals of the business. This approach to online marketing is targeted at making the relations with end-users of a site better. By increasing the ranking and visibility of the site, the trust people have in the site will increase and this would ultimately attract more visitors and potential clients to the page.

Eventually, this method would enhance conversion rates and increase sales for the business. When all these are considered, the relevance of SEO to online marketing cannot be over-emphasized. One might even say search engine optimization cannot be separated from online marketing.

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