Depositphotos Affiliate Program: Join And Earn Referral Cash

We are going to talk about the Depositphotos affiliate program in this post.

The Depositphotos is a royalty-free marketplace containing millions of stock photos, videos, illustrations, music, and vectors.

The users can buy and sell stock photos, videos, illustrations, music, and vectors.

Depositphotos library consists of more than 200 million files contributed by 1,00,000+ contributors.

Just like any other affiliate program, Depositphotos is also offering a referral program.

What Is Depositphotos Affiliate Program?

The Depositphotos referral program encourages people buy paying commissions for recommending referrals.

For becoming an affiliate, you must join the Depositphotos.

After signing up, you can find the referral page where you can get your unique affiliate link.

Depositphotos referral program\

How can Affiliates Promote The Depositphotos?

  • Depositphotos provide promotional banners to use on your websites.
  • You can write a review article or a blog post about the Depositphotos. Give your referral link within the article.
  • Do you have subscribers list? If yes, then send newsletters about Depositphotos.
  • You can promote Depositphotos on your social profiles.
  • Make a YouTube video about the Depositphotos. Leave your unique referral link in the description.

How Much Can Depositphotos Affiliates Make?

According to Depositphotos:

You will earn a 15% commission for every Pay-by-Credit or On Demand Downloads purchase your Referral makes. Your commission is based on sale price of the image minus the Seller’s commission.

You will earn the following commission percentages for each subscription plan your Referral purchases.:

10% – 1 month
8% – 3 months
6% – 6 months
4% – 12 months

How And When Will You Get Paid?

One must reach at least $50 to withdraw funds.

The payment options are PayPal, Skrill and Payoneer.

What Is The Final Conclusion?

The Depositphotos affiliate program can be used to boost your online income.

Have you worked with the Depositphotos as an affiliate?

We would love to hear your working experiences.

Hope this Depositphotos affiliate program review helps people for getting started.

Join the Depositphotos affiliate program and start earning money!

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