Review : Make Money By Selling Videos Review : Make Money By Selling Videos is a video hosting service similar to YouTube. The users can upload their own videos and images on this site. You might know that people can make money from videos on YouTube. The monetization program is Adsense. Where as has a different plan to pay its users. You get paid when your uploaded videos and images hit the front page and gallery respectively. Isn’t it cool? By the way you can upload unlimited videos and images. The only thing is you make damn creative and appealing videos.

You don’t need to worry about clicks and  impressions anymore. As long as you make the video funny and entertaining there are good chances of getting indexed on the homepage. There are few guidelines one must follow before uploading videos and images. review videos and images before allowing for uploading.

Requirements for users before uploading videos and images on

  • You should own the videos and images. doesn’t approve copyrighted media.
  • You must not have sold or licensed the video to any other service.
  • The users must not upload videos containing adult, violence, hatred and misleading content.
  • The users must upload videos appropriate to all irrespective of age.
  • You need to cooperate with by sending photographic evidence of the location or the people for ownership verification.

How much can I make selling videos and Images?

You can make up to $2000 if your video hits the homepage and up to $25 for every image that placed in exclusive gallery. However the price depends on potentiality of the video, content and visitors.


You get paid on request basis. They may take a week time to pay you. There is no threshold payout. You get it whatever your video has earned for you. The payment option is PayPal. If your country doesn’t support PayPal then you can opt for paper check. Of course it will take at least 21 days for the payment process.

Best Features

  • You could also sell videos that are uploaded on YouTube. will take care of promotions.
  • High prices
  • Timely payments
  • Best customer support

Final Conclusion is a great destination to sell videos and make money. The users who have sold their videos on this network can share their experiences below. Make sure to make your video interesting to the viewers. You can see your sold video on

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  1. Hi. How can you pay for videos where does the money come from from own pocket or a loan or something like that?

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