Getting to Know Ori Tal and ESO Equity Group


Who Ori Tal is

Ori Tal as you may have been dying to know is the man behind the ESO Equity Group. As not only the founder and President of one of Israelis most leading property agencies Ori Tal has an interesting background of once being a part of the army. After graduating with a degree in economics and also law, he started his own business in the property investment field in the year 2003 and soon became the leader of the one of the most renowned business in the region.

According to Ori Tal on his activities as an individual range from family activities with his loved ones to supporting health campaigns. They are listed as the following:

  • He often spends time with his wife and children during weekends. The family means a lot to him
  • He is also a supporter of the cancer campaign. He supports at least two cancer foundations: Children with Cancer and also the Breast Cancer Foundation.
  • Sport has always been his way of relaxing during quality time.

ESO Equity Group

The ESO Equity Group focuses on the development of property as well as the investment on these fields. Real estate need to be managed in order to be valuable and generate income. The team manages them for their clients and has proven the best results.

They are also trusted to convert condominiums alongside all the administrative requirements that can be very complicated. By converting condominiums it means that the former building is to be remodeled not only to increase its appeal but to increase its population. They have brought an increase of up to 90% in all their condominium projects. Transactions also facilitated by the team. Etc.

Tips from Ori Tal on Investment in Property

Investing in real estate development may not be rocket science, but it sure requires a lot of skill and knowledge. The chance to develop your own property is open for absolutely anyone, but with the following tips you can optimize every investment you make. Wholesaling is a strategy that offers fast selling and fast cash. Another term that is often used to describe wholesaling is quick flip. What you do is agree to the lowest home price with a buyer. After the amount is agreed upon, you hand over the contract to another buyer who may be interested.

Leasing is a strategy that adds to your revenue by making your tenants pay deposit for the right to purchase the home. Though this is not an obligation this can be made a tempting option for home seekers out there. This is paid along with the minor maintenance tasks and costs.

“Subject to the existing financing” generates additional income from deeds handed over to you when you agree to pay mortgage on their behalf. These are only three out of the many tips that the man and ESO Equity Group can share with you. Get to know more about them from their official service page.

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