5 Tips for Successful Online Marketing

Online marketing is a fickle beast, but there are some constants you can count on to help you build up your advertising campaigns, and subsequently ensure that your store is performing to its full potential.

The first thing you want to do is identify local keywords. Local keywords refer to the specific keywords that relate to your website – so if you’re a vacuum repair company, local keywords could include “broken vacuum”, “vacuum repair company”, “vacuum servicing”, and “replacement vacuum parts”. If your business has a local footing via a brick and mortar store or even your connections with your local community, consider using geographical keywords, too – such as “vacuum repair company Philadelphia” and “greater Philadelphia area vacuum store”.

You will also want to focus on long tail keywords. These refer to keywords that are specific. Rather than function much like tags or search terms, these keywords ask actual questions. So instead of, “broken Hoover vacuum”, work on emphasizing long tail keywords like, “how to replace the motor on a Hoover vacuum”. Think like your customers, and tweak keywords accordingly.

Make sure you are supporting your search terms. In search engine results, your website should use keywords as title tags, and long tail keywords and supportive keywords as Meta descriptions. Utilize keywords in both of these areas for maximum organic search results potential. Find out more about using keywords in your site’s Meta tags.

Your published content should read in straightforward English. Resist the urge to “keyword stuff”. Instead, use strong keywords in headlines and introductory sentences for each paragraph, and then create supportive content that drives those keywords home.

Just as important as the keywords you use are the speed at which your content is delivered to your readers. Keep your website optimized and streamlined by using the lowest possible quality of photos you can get away with. Shrink in size before you resort to compressing image quality, however – smaller pictures can be crisp and defined, and not drag down your load times like larger-sized ones would. And always use clean, compliant code to ensure that your website plays nicely with all browsers and devices.

3 thoughts on “5 Tips for Successful Online Marketing

  1. I think for internet marketing owners who want to success online should follow the steps of the experts who have already success online.
    In order to boost your online business, you should consider link building, SEO, participate in blogs and forums, write and submit your articles to ezines, make use of Facebook and other social media, and consider investing in paid advertisement to expose your site.

  2. very nice post
    I am searching for internet marketing tips to learn whole things
    because I want to make money online finding the best & right strategies to implement
    to view growth in my score in blogging .

  3. am a online ebay seller , want to start my own site.. your post gave some idea.. S.E.O is the key will look after deeply for my site all the points you have mentioned they will work for any blog or online business, but got some idea with this post how to start.. along with social media network is very important even google also recommending.. thanks for sharing your thoughts in this post..

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