Where To Outsource Mobile App Development?

The mobile market is huge, and the future continues to be bright. Consumers are willing to spend on mobile apps and ads in mobile ads are proven to be very effective. If you’re lacking the skills, resources, or time to develop your mobile app, there are thankfully multiple options.  One of the best ways to get started on app development and have it succeed would be through outsourcing. By outsourcing mobile app development you’ll be reducing project cost (as hiring someone could be very expensive), you know you’ll have a high-quality product, you’re guaranteed good service, and you’ll be shortening the time of development meaning it’ll be on the market sooner. All it takes is a successful strategy and knowing where to turn to.

What are the benefits of outsourcing?

There are a variety of benefits to outsourcing your work. Some of the following include:

  • Wide Talent Pool, an outsourcing company is going to have a full range of professionals that specialize in a variety of expertise such as Data Engineering, DevOps, and so much more. These professionals are often very quick to hire and do their work. Plus there’s far more reliability in hiring an outsourcing company such as Exemplary Marketing rather than just a freelance or someone in-house who is going to have limited knowledge on each required subject for app development.
  • Fast process, when hiring an outsourcing company, not only will the mobile app development get started quickly thanks to the large team of professionals, but the paperwork process is fast as well. You don’t need to worry about dealing with a hiring process such as interviews or having talks back and forth. This is time that could be spent using a specialized company instead.
  • Extensive expertise, Outsourcing companies like Exemplary Marketing combine the wide expertise of tech solutions and marketing knowledge, and business domains to create apps and to solve issues very swiftly. This expertise is going to have a far better understanding of the app requirements, goals, and features to create and improve on outstanding apps that customers want. This also includes addressing common issues and bugs that apps will tend to have over time. Hiring multiple in-house employees or freelancers would be very expensive and time-consuming. It’s far more cost-effective to allow outsourcing companies to get what you need to be done.

When is outsourcing to a mobile app development company good?

There are plenty of reasons why a company would like to reach out to an outsourcing company. If time is very critical, this could be ideal. You’d be cutting out the process of finding the right freelancer or having to deal with hiring someone in-house and training them. These can cause so many delays to a project but outsourcing can make the process go much faster as there is no need for interviews or training.

There is a large pool of talent, expertise, and resources for outsourcing companies that freelancers and in-house companies just do not have. This can be cost-effective as well as you’re only focusing on developing the product for your company’s growth. Outsourcing companies are already very well equipped and developed with the right resources that would not be available to most companies or freelancers.

Get to know Exemplary Marketing

Vote #1 in the United States for Application Development, you know we’re reliable, effective, and filled with a great talented team waiting to help you. You’ll be getting the most competitive applications to meet all of your IT-related needs and requirements, from iOS to Android, and cross-compatibility, you can count on us.  Whenever you or your company has concerns, we can be reached 24/7 with our support and maintenance service.

Our work process

  • Information Collection, once we’re hired we immediately begin requesting all needed requirements and information that is needed for the project. The faster we receive all of this means the faster we can develop a mobile application for you.
  • Once we receive all the information we then begin the process of developing a good user-friendly interface. This is crucial to give users a good quality experience when using the app. A low-quality User Interface means low sales.
  • Once the app design is completed, a Prototype will then be given to you. This is a preliminary version of the software. This gives you the chance to go through it and give your feedback on what should be changed. Afterward, our team of experts will immediately begin redeveloping the application based on your requirements and feedback.
  • Afterwards, quality assurance will be done to make sure everything in the app is completely error-free and compatible. Once this is completed we will take the proper responsibility to deploy the app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

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