How To Boost Mobile Internet Speed

Today many people use their smartphones and tablets to access internet, increasing the demand for mobile internet rapidly. Regardless the demand, network provides have not been successful in providing a quality service most of the time. Thus, most of the 3G and 4G LTE users suffer slow internet connections and constant buffering when loading multipleweb pages simultaneously. Although there are many reasons, the main reason for thedecreased speeds is the low signal quality.

Distance between the tower and the device and obstructions that block the propagation path causes low signal levels. If you are a victim who suffers low 3G and 4G mobile internet signals, a signal booster is the cheapest and most efficient option you could choose. MyAmplifiers offers you a range of such 4gboosterss to choose according to your requirements.

How to installa signal booster

As mentioned above, the easiest way to amplify theexisting 3G or 4G LTE signal is to use a matching antenna. There are repeaters that can be used to amplify signal levels of a room, building or even a car. Each of these devices comes with three main components – antenna, connecting cable and amplifier.If you want to amplify the signal levels of a modem, you can easily make use of the external antenna port available in most of the modems. However if your intention is to boost the 3G signals of your smartphone or tablet you will need a mobile patch lead additionally.

4g-boosterThe installation is extremely easy. The tough part is the preparationsand readings you need to obtain before installing the booster or even before purchasing such a device. And for this, it is best if you could get the help of a professional. It is important to determine the location and the frequency of the nearest base station.

Then you must measure the signal strength and the quality of the signal you receive from the base station. Finally calculate the area of coverage. Based on these data, a salesperson will advice you on the best mobile phone signal booster that suites your requirements. Also get to know how you can transfer files between windows and android over wifi

Once you have the repeater with you, it is essential to place the antenna where the mobile signal strength is strongest. Then connect the amplifier to the antenna using the connection cable. Now you are ready to experience uninterrupted high speed internet all day long!


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